Audio and Web Conference

Audio and Web Conference

(Also know as: Conference Call, Conference Bridge, Audio Conference)


Eligible: Employees 

Availability: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Monday – Friday

Support:  IT Support Hours

Telecommunications provides conference bridge services for audio/web conference calling.

Audio conferencing can be an effective on-demand tool to communicate and collaborate with on site and remote participants via an audio conference call and/or web conference.

Collaboration: Effective tool to share, collaborate information.

Cost Effective: Reduces travel costs

On-Demand: Enhanced features available during conference call

Remote Access: 24 hour access to reserved conference calls

How to access this service: Chairperson dials into conference bridge and enters chairperson access code and password. Participants dial into conference bridge with the pass code.

Instructions, 800 number conference bridge and pass code for your department will be emailed to you.

Cost: Per minute fees apply to each participant.

How to request this service: Call 978 837-3500 (x3500) or email