Service – Email Alias

Email Alias

(Also known as: vanity address)


Eligible: Merrimack College Community

Availability: 24 Hours, Daily 

Support:  IT Support Hours

An Email Alias permits email to flow into a mailbox via an alternate address. Each student and employee has an email alias in the form

An Email alias is often used as a semi-permanent web or print-published address that does not change. The address can be moved from employee to employee as roles change.

Aliases also allow users known exclusively by a nickname unrelated to their given name to be more easily identified.

Sample use: is an alias assigned to someone who handles comments about the college web site.

Howard “Rusty” Thompson might have an alias called

How to request this service: call 978 837-3500 (x3500) or email

Restrictions:  Additional email aliases are available for employees