Internet Access and Security

Network Account

(Also known as: ISP)


Eligible:  Merrimack College Community 

Availability:  24 Hours, Daily

Support: IT Support Hours

The college provides high-speed Internet access to anyone connected to the campus wired and wireless networks. Network bandwidth is managed to ensure an equitable distribution among all users.

The Internet connection is protected with a firewall and Intrusion Protection System (IPS). The firewall permits virtually all outbound connections and restricts direct inbound connections to a select number of special servers.

How to request this service: call 978 837-3500 or email


(Also known as: Network Access Control, NAC, SafeConnect, Impulse)


Eligible:  Students

Availability:  24 Hours, Daily

Support: IT Support Hours

With 15,000+ individually managed devices, the resident network has the potential to be a security risk. Network Access Control ensures that all resident devices are identified and reasonably secure prior to granting the computer full access to the network. Network Access Control also limits access to students with valid Network Accounts.

Network Access Control checks for things like updated operating systems, secure configuration, and effective antivirus software.

How to access this service:  Connect to a wired residence jack or connect to the MCStudent wireless network.