Mobile Devices

(Also known as: cell phone, mobile phone, iPhone, Smart phone)


Eligible: Employees

Availability:   24 Hours, Daily

Support:  IT Support Hours

Mobile device requests, upon VP/Dean approval should be submitted to the Telecommunications Department on a Cellular telephone equipment request form located on My Mack.(link)

Efficient mode of communication, email, web access for mobile employees.

Allows user to perform their duties effectively, remotely.

Discounted plans, Analysis

College provided iPhones are on significantly reduced, pooled, voice and unlimited data and text plans


Telecommunications provides assistance to determine the best and most practical mobile solution

Costs: Mobile device costs vary.  Charges are approximately $55.00 per month for 300 pooled minutes, unlimited data & text. Some added features will increase monthly cost.

How to request this service: Complete and submit a Mobile Telephone Request Form. A Vice President or Dean’s signature is required.

Mobile Policy Guidelines and Agreement must be signed and returned to the Telecommunications Office.