Student Telephone Service

Student Telephone Service

Eligible:   Employees, Students

Availability:   24 Hours, Daily

Support:  IT Support Hours

Working telephones in the residence halls are typically located in community rooms, RA rooms, and some common rooms. Some residence halls have working phone jacks in each room.  Phone service is restricted to campus calling, local area, and 911.. Students primarily rely on their cell phones and don’t plug a land line phone in their room. In an emergency, students should call 911 from their cell phone or contact Campus Police 978-837-5555 (non-emergency) or 978-837-5911 (emergency).

Residence telephone services:

North & South Residence halls- RA rooms, community rooms

Ash & Monican- RA rooms, lobby area

Deegan Halls- Each room equipped with a phone jack

O’Brien Hall- Each room equipped with a phone jack

Townhouses- A wall phone is located in each common area

Apartments- RA Rooms, St. Thomas Community room

For questions or service needs

For questions or service needs: email or call 978 837-3500 (x3500).

Restrictions:  Long distance telephone services are not provided.