Sanction Compliance

Educational Sanctions

Students who are found responsible for violations of Community Standards, including alcohol and/or drug policies, may be asked to complete one or more educational sanctions designed to inform students of healthy behavior.

Under the Influence

Under the Influence is an online course designed tohelp students who have violated campus alcohol policies make safer and healthier choices. All survey responses are strictly confidential.

Marijuana 101

Marijuana 101 is a four-hour online course for on-campus marijuana violations. Six lessons cover a variety of key issues such as marijuana dependence, marijuana’s effects, mental-health issues and synthetic marijuana use. All survey responses are strictly confidential. 


Some students may be asked to participate in a one-time group meeting with other students who have been found responsible for alcohol and/or drug violations. These groups are held once a month and are facilitated by the Dean of Students office.


Some students may be asked to meet with a college administrator on two occasions to discuss their alcohol or marijuana use. Between the two meetings, students will be asked to complete a self-assessment of consumption patterns and risk factors.  

Community Service

Students who are sanctioned to complete a certain number of hours of community service should do so on their own schedule. It is not the responsibility of the Office of Community Standards to schedule service hours; however, service can be completed both on and off campus.


The community standards are established to eliminate the use of fines outright as a sanction. However, students who do not complete educational sanctions by their given deadline may be assessed a fine.

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