Students who are referred for student conduct action are afforded the following rights:

  • Prompt notification and explanation of the allegations.  
  • A fair, open-minded and objective consideration of the matter being discussed.  
  • A timely hearing by the Student Conduct Board or administrative hearing officer.  
  • The opportunity to present their information surrounding an event.
  • An adviser, who is a member of the Merrimack College community, which students must arrange for themselves. (Advisers may not be attorneys. Attorneys may only participate in very limited circumstances where a student has pending criminal charges that are related to the matter being discussed in the hearing. Please see the director of community standards for the rules regarding attorney participation.)  
  • To present a reasonable number of witnesses and/or written character references at hearings.  
  • The opportunity to question, directly or indirectly, people presenting testimony against him or her.  
  • To submit an appeal or petition to the vice president for mission and student affairs (Student Conduct Board cases/Director of Community Standards cases) or the director of community standards (administrative hearing officer cases) within three working days from the date that the student is notified of the findings, or when new information becomes available.