Submitting a Proposal

To begin, find a funding opportunity you are interested in submitting an proposal, application or “white paper” to.  Download the funders funding guidelines, solicitation or Request for Proposal (RFP).  Complete a Proposal Routing Form by filling in as much information as you can.

Submit a completed Proposal Routing Form with your proposal documents attached to your department chair and dean for approval and signature on the Proposal Routing Form.  Send a scanned copy of the form, your proposal documents, budget and budget justification to  The OSP Team will review all of the documentation and contact you if there are any questions or concerns.

Try to submit the Proposal Routing Form and documentation as soon as you can.  The OSP Team requires a minimum of 14 business days from the submission due date to review and attain the needed Provost and CFO approvals.  Once the Proposal Routing Form with the respective signatures is completed, the proposal may be submitted.  The signatures on the Proposal Routing Form constitute the institutional approval needed for all proposals.

Proposals submitted without going through the above process and are awarded, may be declined.

Please contact OSP if you have any questions or concerns about getting the proposal review process started: or 837-5611.

The documents provided below consist of information and resources that are helpful when putting together proposals for external funding.