Faculty Development Grant Recipients

Current Recipients


Eleanor Shonkoff Preventive Medicine
John Gallagher Thermodynamic analysis of direct mechanical to electrical energy harvesting from ferroelectric phase transitions
Sadegh Asgari Effect of Improved Cost Estimating Accuracy of Risk Attitude on Competitive Bidding
Zachary Kissel Constrained Pseudorandom Functions: Limits of the Direct-Line Approach
Kaveh Moradi Political Connections and Firm Performance
Brandi Baldock What Controls the Reactions Between Silver Nanoparticles and DNA?
Mariko Frame Ecological Imperialism and the Capitalist World-Systern, book
Michael Mascolo Resolving Political Conflict through Collaborative Engagement
Zi Yan Book Proposal: Promoting Physical Activity among children and adolescents: Parents’ Role

Past Recipients




Taesoo Ahn Purchasing Intentions of Various Sponsorship-Linked Ticket Bundling Among Fans and Non-Fans
Brittnie Aiello Data Collection, Incarcerated Fathers and Formerly Incarcerated Mothers
Brandi Baldock Teaching Thermochemistry in General Chemistry Laboratory
Rodrigo Bandiera de Mello The Impact of Legal Institutions on Non-Market Strategies
Sarah Benes Training to be certified as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor
Leena Bharath Regulation of Inflammation by autophagy…
April Bowling Functional MRI Visiting Fellowship…
Ricky Caldwell Jr. American Society of Civil Engineers ExCEED training
Fan Chen When less is more (Should we constrain mutual fund managers?)
Joseph Chiarelli Online courses in chemometrics
Anthony DiCarlo Optimization of Ground Source Heat Exchangers
Emma Duffy-Comparone Short story fiction writing
Christopher Duston  A realistic approach to the Brans Conjecture…
Audrey Falk The disciplining and professionalization of community engagement through the graduate degree
Cynthia Ferrara The Mindful McQuade Initiative
Mariko Frame  Imperialism, Ecology, and the World System
Jimmy Franco Development of Photoactive polymers that can be used as artificial muscles
Nicole Frisch New Course Development on Prisoner Reentry and Community corrections using innovative teaching techniques
John Gallagher Viscoelastic Modeling of Intervertebral Discs
Tahir Hameed Health Analytics; A predictive model for 30-days hospital re-admissions considering discharge-to-alternate-care as an option for healthcare costs optimization
George Heffernan Virtue Ethics – Continuing the Research and Designing and New course
Laura Hsu Cognitive correlates of non-dominant hand use among older adults
Michael Hyman Advertising and the relationship between prices and earnings
Sirkwoo Jin  It Takes Two to Tango: Knowledge integration approach to term innovative performance
James Kaklamanos Earthquake ground motions in landslide and liquefaction analyses
Zachary Kissel Constrained Pseudorandom Functions: Analysis Design and Applications
Laura Kurdziel Relationship between sleep and emotional reactivity and regulation following a mild traumatic brain injury
Katelyn Kurkul Parents Perceptions and Attitudes of Children’s Questions and their Utility for Learning
Benjamin Larkin Exploring the Role of Narrative in Sport Team Identifications
Raymond Lavoie Writing a Book on the Psychological State of Flow
He Li Populism in China: Origins, Manifestations and Political Implications
SeungJin Lim A Study on Author Identification over a Large-Scale Text Collection
R. David MacLaren Environmentally Realistic waterborne atrizine exposure affects female reproductive behavior in …

Diana Marginean

Conceptions of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Susan Marine

Collaborations for Change: Transforming Cultures to End Gender-Based Violence

Michael Mascolo

Cultivating Academic and Socio-Emotional Skills in Underprepared College Students: A Logitudinal Analysis

Mark McCoy

Development of materials for a Lantanide Complex Immunoassay

William McDowell

Biotic and Antibiotic Changes to lakes following the Clean Air Act Amendment

Kevin McGravey

Digital Public Forums and the American Democracy

Josephine Modica-Napolitano

Investigating a Novel Treatment Strategy Aimed to Enhance the Efficacy of the Mitochondria-targeted Anti Cancer Agent Elesclomol

Kaveh Moradi Dezfouli

Investment Practices of Index Funds

Azam Noori

The Bay Circuit Trail Plant Identification Guideline; an iBook

Seungbin Oh

Client Assessment of Multiculturally Competent Behavior (CAMCB) Development and Validation

Jessica Peacock

The Flipped Classroom: A Course Redesign to Foster Active Learning and Engagement in Exercise Physiology

Lisa Perks

Immersive and Distracted States of Binge-Watching

Aleksandra Plocha

Defining Resilience: How Bereaved College Students Conceptualize Resilience

Leah Poloskey

Capstone e-Portfolio Creation for masters of Strength and Conditioning Students

Emma Polyakov

Completion of Book Manuscript: The Idea of the Holy Land

Christy Pottroff

The Mail Map
Brian Provencher Development of an iBook for Org Chem Lab II
Sandra Raponi An Analysis of the Global Compact on Refugees: Prospects and Limitations
Jessica Rich Preparing a Proposal for a co-edited volume on campus-community partnerships formed in response to oil and gas pipeline development
Autumn Ridenour Practicing Presence in a Digital Age
Lauren Rocha Introduction to College Writing iBook
Luis Saenz de Viguera Moving the Spanish Program Forward
Dan Sarofian-Butin Creating a Space for Place-Based Community-Engaged Learning in an Increasingly Placeless World
Allison Seitchik The influence of nonconscious goals on athletic performance
Simona Sharoni Global Interdisciplinary Studies
Eleanor Shonkoff Parent Stress and Child Dietary Intake
Julia St. Goar Investigating the Development of Undergraduate Understanding and Use of the Definition of Congruence Based on Sequences of Transformations
Christopher Stuetzle Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems Techniques for City Planning and Development
Tunde Szivak The Effects of Seating Load Carriage on Mood, Pain, and Reaction Time
Jake Turner Interdisciplinary pedagogy research
Omer Unsal Employee Lawsuits and Information Asymmetry
Dan Vlahos Summer Film School
Gwyne White Neuropsychological testing data
William Wians Imitating Socrates in Plato’s Symposium
Zi Yan Weight comments among college students
Melissa Zimdars Food Media, Misinformation, and Everyday Life




Jack Adams

Visualization of Electromagnetic Phenomena including Energy and Force Using the Electric Scalar and Magnetic Vector Potentials

Taesoo Ahn

An Examination of Moderating Effect of Team Identification on Discount Setting and Discount Degree of Sport Ticket Bundles

Thomas Anderson

Research and Write an Article Titled Teaching Contemporary World History

Brandi Baldock

Investigating Nanoparticle Structure-Property Relationships

Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello

MODERATING THE MESSAGE: Politically Connected Boards of Directors and Media Coverage

Valerie A Bell

Development of a research paper on Knowledge Intensive Service-Based SMEs: Heterogeneity in Entry Modes and Strategies for potential publication in a peer reviewed strategy journal

 Fan Chen  Public and focused mutual fund companies
 Anthony DiCarlo  Development of 3D Printing Optimization Design Tools
 Emma Duffy-Comparone  Short Story (fiction)
 Christopher Duston  A realistic approach to the Brans Conjecture using explicit presentation of Casson handles as periodic manifolds
 Roselita Fragoudakis  Partial tuition for attending the HERS Institute at Wellesley College
 Jimmy Franco  Drug Discovery Project: Structure Based Design of Antifungal Compounds
 Lisa Fuller  Gender Oppression and Global Distributive Justice
 John Gallagher  Writing an Introductory iBook on Smart and Active Materials with Associated Projects
 Christina Hardway  A Mindfulness Based Intervention and its Impact on Self-Regulated Learning
 George Heffernan  The Existential Hussert- A Collection of Critical Essays
 Daniel Herda  Making Sense of Immigration and Migration
 Laura Hsu  Cognitive correlates of non-dominant hand use among older adults
 Sirkwoo Jin  Gender, leadership, and emotional intelligence: Does emotional intelligence help or hurt employees occupying leadership positions?
 James Kaklamonos  Challenges in Predicting Earthquake Ground Motions in New England
 Warren A. Kay  Historical Analysis of Religious Claims in Neil DeGrass Tyson’s TV miniseries Cosmos: A Spacetime
 Zachary Kissel  Constrainted Pseudorandom Functions: Analysis, Design, and Applications
 Ben Larkin Man or Machine: Fantasy Football and Dehumanization of Professional Athletes 
 Raymond Lavoie  The Psychological State of Flow and its Implications
 He Li  China’s Economic Diplomacy Toward Asia
 R. David MacLaren  A Tale of Two Fish Studies: 1. Social vs Genetic Influence on Female Mating Preferences and 2. The Effects of Herbicide & Pharmaceutical Exposure on Mating Behavior
 Kevin McGravey  The Rights to Assemble and Petition in American Government and Constitutional Law
 Ellen McWhorter  Dark Shadows: A Critical Anthology
 Debra Michals  She’s the Boss: The Rise of Women’s Entrepreneurship since World War II
 Natalie Mitchell  Consumer Perceptions of Luxury Products
 Azam Noori  Immunofluorescent imaging of membrane transporters in exposed plants to silver nanoparticles
 Jane Parent  Testing a Model of Employee Engagement, Positive Organizational Psychology and Organizational Change
 Lisa Glebatis Perks  Muddling through Myriad Methods: Undergraduate Research in Communication
 Marie Plasse  “I’m Not Gonna Spend My Life Bein’ a Color” : Race in Michael Jackson’s Later Work
 Aleksandra Plocha  “It’s a Process”: How Parentally Bereaved College Students Define Resilience
 Christy Pottroff  Citizen Technologies: The U.S. Post Office and the Transformation of Early American Literature
 Brian Provencher  Synthesis of 2,3,4-Pentanetrione. A key intermediate in the synthesis and characterization of novel reactions
 Laura Pruett  La nuit des tropiques and Á Montevideo: A Critical Edition of Two Symphonies by Louis Moreau Gottschalk
 Sandra Raponi  Kurdish Feminist Political Theory and the Development of Women’s Autonomy and Equality in Rojava
 Jessica Rich  Drill-Site Work and Masculinity in Oil and Gas Industries
 Autumn Alcott Ridenour  “Union with Christ: Toward a Christological Virtue Ethics Rooted in the Theologies of Augustine and Barth,” in Normative Dimensions: Scripture, Tradition, and Reason in Christian Ethics (London: Palgrave, Macmillan, forthcoming)
 Alison Russell  The Art of Cyber War
 Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga  Dancing in the Ruins: Deindustrialization, Culture and the Nation in Scotland and the Basque Country
 Dan Sarofian-Butin  13th Grader: Your College Guide From Passivity to Transformation
 Allison Seitchik  The influence of conscious and nonconscious goals in athletic performance
 Simona Sharoni  De-militarizing Masculinities in Conflict Zones: Comparative Perspectives
 Christine Shaw  Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor Certification (Higher Ed Certification add on)
 Raymond Shaw   Higher Education Outcomes
 Kathleen Sills  Summer Intensive Training in the Margolis Acting Method for College Professors
 Ryan Spalding  The Impact of Participation in the Home Run Derby on Player Performance
 Julia St. Goar  Mathematical Mindsets and Goals: Pre-Service Teachers and Their Professors
 Michael Stroud  The purpose of the proposed project is to investigate the role of both emotions and humor in the processing of text-based material
 Christopher Stuetzle  Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems Techniques for City Planning and Development
 Andrew Tollison   Linguistic Agency in Zika Health Education Materials
 Jacob Turner  Music Is/As Communication: Popular Music and its Meanings in the Digital Age
 Omer Unsal  Institutional Investors and Corporate Innovation: Evidence from US Pharmaceuticals
 Harry Wessel  “Policy Typologies, Media Framing, and Narrative Analysis: Comparing the Development, or lack thereof,
of Immigration Policy: DACA and the Wall and the Military and Transgender Policy”
 Gwyne White  The Role of a Targeted School Intervention Program in Supporting At-Risk Students’ Social, Emotional and Academic Achievement: Advancement via Individual Determination
 William Wians   Imitating Socrates in Plato’s Symposium
 Nancy Wynn  Artist monographs and Clare Gallery book project
 Melissa Zimdars  Writing and editing the Book Fake News: Understanding
Media and Misinformation in the Digital Age


Faculty Title
Jack Adams  Visualization of Electromagnetic Energy, Momentum, and Power using the Electric Scalar and Magnetic Vector Potentials
 Taesoo Ahn  Examining the Structural Relationships of Service Quality in Sport Industry
 Brittnie Aiello  Policing the Opiate Crisis
 Traci Alberti  Workshop Attendance: Teaching by Case Method at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University
 Thomas Anderson  Reassembling the Strange: Naturalists, Missionaries, and the Understanding of Madagascar and its Environment
 Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello  The Effects of Institutional Duality on the Political Strategies of Foreign Multinational Corporations in the United States
 Valerie A Bell  Diversity and Geographically-Located Networking in Internationalization
 Gavril Bilev  Simulating Democratization in the World, Part II
 Rickey Alfred Caldwell Jr  Writing a Robotics iBook
 Fan Chen  Competition among mutual fund companies
 Michael Corcoran  Restore Activity & Independence in Seniors Through Exercise (The RAISE Study)
 Emma Duffy-Comparone  The Zen Thing and Other Stories (a collection of short stories)
 Christopher Duston  A realistic approach to the Brans conjecture using explicit presentations of Casson handles as periodic manifolds
 Anthony Fernandez  Determination of the Influence of Ligand Structure on the C-N Oxidative Addition Reactions of [YPN(Me)Pipr]Rh-CI Complexes
 Kevin Finn  Active Science: Promoting Physical Activity, Science Learning and Cognitive Function in Children
 Anne Flaherty  Presidential Rhetoric and Policies of Indian Self-Determination
 Jose Godinez  Creating Market Inclusion: Assessing Strategies for Non-Profits Operating in
Institutional Voids in a Developed Market
 Christina Hardway  The association between students’ Purpose in Life, their achievement in college, and the mediating effects of effort regulation and time spent studying
 George Heffernan  Albert Camus: Philosopher Among Philosophers—A Collection of Critical Essays
 Daniel Herda  Immigrants, Interpersonal Discrimination, and Reactive Ethnicity
 Laura Hsu  Potentially Positive Cognitive Effects of Using One’s Non-Dominant Hand
 Sirkwoo Jin  How and when emotional intelligence aids leaders’ effectiveness: An empirical test
 James Kaklamonos  Soil Dynamics: How Effective is the Effective Strain Ratio?
 Zachary Kissel  A Framework for the Analysis of Searchable Encryption
 Laura Kurdziel  Slow wave activity associated enhancement of emotional memory in preschool children
 Katelyn Kurkul  Supporting conceptual knowledge development in preschool children: How children learn from explanations at home and in preschool


Faculty Title
 Taesoo Ahn  Exploring the Impact of Country-Of-Origin (COO) Fit and Team Identification in Sports Brand Evaluation
 Brittnie Aiello  Prison Education: A Collaboration between Merrimack College and MCI Shirley
 Traci Alberti  Health Literacy Leadership Institute, Tufts University
 Mark Allman Sex, Marriage, Family, and Work 
 Thomas Anderson Converting the Hospital: British Missionaries, medicine, and the environment in 19th Century Madagascar 
 Charlotte Berkes  Identification of Antifungal Compounds to Target Histoplasma capsulatum
Gavril Bilev  A Party of One: Personalistic Parties with Evidence from Russia and Bulgaria 
 Audrey Falk  Social Justice Education Training
Anne Flaherty  States, American Indian Nations, and Intergovernmental Politics: Sovereignty, Conflict, and the Uncertainty of Taxes  
 Roselita Fragoudakis  Predicting the Optimum Stacking Sequence of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Laminated Beams Using A Genetic Algorithm
Jose Godinez  Dealing with the unknown: How M-Banking firms are succeeding when operating in an unregulated industry 
Christina Hardway Examining Curiosityand Learning Outcomes: Video-based prompts to promote students’ interest in instructional materials delivered through computers and through iPads  
Laura Hsu  Cognitive Effects of Using One’s Non-dominant Hand  
Jonathan Jensen   Miracle in the Midwest: How Baseball Saved a Rust Belt City 
Sirkwoo Jin  Feeling smart, leading better: The relationship between emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, emotional intensity, and transformational leadership 
James Kaklamonos  Influence of Soil Profile Assumptions on Earthquake Site Response Predictions 
Zachary Kissel Efficient Forward-Private Dynamic Searchable Encryption  
Katelyn Kurkul  The role of epistemological beliefs in caregivers’ explanations across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds  
He Li  China’s Rise in Latin America: Myths and Realities  
SeungJin Lim  Chiastic Pattern Detection From A Large Text Database  
Alicia Malone  The influence of aggravating and mitigating factors on jurors’ decision-making in capital cases based on defendant race and victim race and gender 
Krista McQueeney  Mean Girls? Race, Gender, and Sexuality in News Coverage of Female Aggression 
Lisa Perks  Analyzing character mortality and circumstances of character deaths in The Walking Dead to better understand the show’s racial and ethnic ideologies  
Marie Plasse  The subjects of HIStory: Solidarity and subjectivity in Michael Jackson’s Most Controversial Album
Brian Provencher  Synthesis of Novel Mu/Kappa Opioid Receptor Ligands  
Laura Pruett  La nuit des tropiques and Á Montevideo: A Critical Edition of Two Symphonies bu Louis Moreau Gottschalk 
Sandra Raponi  The Role of Compassion in Cosmopolitan Justice  
Autumn Alcott Ridenour  Sabbath Rest as Vocation: Reimagining Aging towards Death through Union with Christ  
Alison Russell  Anti-Access/Area Denial Operations in Cyberspace 
Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga  Sacrificial Victim: Taking apart the Nation in Thomas Vinterberg’s Jagten/The  
 Zoe Sherman Establishing a supplemental instruction model for the gateway course Eco 1201 Introduction to Economics 
Sally Shockro  Bede and the Medieval Vitae of St. Anastasius  
Ana C. Silva  Application of behavior theories to financial behavior change in the context of microfinance 
Michael Stroud  The Glass May Be Mightier Than The Pen 
Christopher Stuetzle  Development of Novel Mathematical Model for Terrain Surface Data  
Andrew Tollison  Communicative Consequences of Gender-Based Stereotypes in Health Care  
Harry Wessel  Policy Typologies, Media Frames, and Narrative Analysis: Immigration and Same-Sex Marriage 
William Wians  Making Clear the ei esti in Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics 
Nancy Wynn  Silent Witness Exhibition 
Melissa Zimdars  Watching Our Weights: The Global Circulation of Fat TV and the ‘Obesity Epidemic’  


Faculty Title
Jack Adams  Relating the Pattern of Radiation Emitted by a Real-World Helical Antenna to “Intrinsic” Properties of Spin and Angular Momentum
Taesoo Ahn   Bundling Ticket Promotion Strategy in Merrimack College Athletic Department
 Mark Allman  Major Revision of Who Would Jesus Kill?
Charlotte Berkes   Biochemical Identifications of Sorafenib Targets in a Pathogenic Fungus
Gavril Bilev  In and Out: Exploring the Interaction of Domestic and International Democratization Mechanisms through Stimulation 
John “Sean” Condon  Chapter One of book manuscript tentatively entitled: The Bonds of Family: Slavery and Freedom in Southern Maryland 1760-1860 
John Gallagher  Simulation of the Large Field Behavior of [001]c Relaxor Ferroelectric Single Crystals Using a Work-Energy Model with Limited Experimentation 
Jose Godinez  The Dimensions of Corruption and its Impact on FDI Decision Making: the case of Central America 
Christina Hardway  Promoting curiosity in the classroom: Video-based prompts to enhance students’ interest in new content and improve learning related outcomes.  
George Heffernan  Arendt in Jerusalem: Kant, Heidegger, and Arendt on What I Means to Think 
Daniel Herda  Tracking Ignorance: A Longitudinal Examination of Immigrant Population Innumeracy in Europe and the United States
Matthew Isbell  Collaboration Book- Unit 2 completion, Unit 3-Creation, Unit 4-Vetting 
Sirkwoo Jin   Creativity-relevant reward system: Managing creativity through non-contingent and flexible rewards on creative competencies
James Kaklamonos   A New Software Platform for Geotechnical Engineering in the Statistical Language and Environment R
Warren A. Kay   Writing invited article on spirituality and running for the German theological journal Theologisches Gespräch. Freikirchliche Beiträge zur Theologie.
He Li  Neo-authoritarianism and China’s Reform 
R. David MacLaren  Investigating the effects of environmentally realistic exposures to fluoxetine and atrazine on reproductive behavior in male sailfin mollies, Poecilia latipinna 
Lynn McGovern  Study Abroad: Dynamic Transition 
Krista McQueeney  “Wounded by the Church:” Emotions and the Construction of Moral Indentitites in Lesbian-and Gay-Affirming Congregations 
Sandra Raponi  Cyberabuse, Free Speech and the Law 
Autumn Alcott Ridenour   Book Project, Sabbath Rest as Vocation: Re-imaging Aging through Union with Christ
Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga  The Radical Paradigm: Alternative Culture, Antihegemony and Political Struggle (Basque Country, 1978…) Book Proposal and book chapter 
 Patricia Sendall High Impact Experiential Leaning Opportunities in Business School Curricula 
Sally Shockro  Online Training in Paleography and Codicology 
Ana C. Silva  Capital Good Fund: Microfinance in the US 
Andrew N. Smith  Understanding Visual Word-of-Mouth Rhetoric & its Relationship with Consumer Response 
Michael Stroud  Apple iBooks as a way for creating a more engaging and effective teaching and learning tool 
Christopher Stuetzle  Representing Terrain Surface Data with Procedural Mathematical Operators 
Andrew C. Tollison  Incorporating Person-Centeredness into the Nurse-Patient Relationship: An Age Cohort Analysis of Patient Satisfaction and Communication Practices 
Jacob S. Turner  A comparative and quantitative content analysis of two nightly sports news and recaps shows as produced and broadcast by two prominent sports media conglomerates and agenda setters, ESPN and Fox Sports 1. 
William Wians  Piety and Care of Self in Plato’s Euthyphro 
Fang Zhao   CPA Certification


Faculty Title
 Jack Adams  Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields using the Electric Scalar and Magnetic Vector Potentials
 Taesoo Ahn  Examining the Effect of Discount Frame and Team Identification on Ticket Bundling
 Brandy Benedict  Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of Cholera in Post-earthquake Haiti
 Charlotte Berkes  Development of Novel Antifungal Drug Targets
 Hillary Blakeley Effects on Gamification on Student Motivation and Achievement 
 Gravil Bilev Checking the Boss: Legislative Autonomy and Executive Contestation in the Russian Regions 1922-2005 
 John “Sean” Condon  Labor Obligations in the Atlantic World, 1400-1800
 Michael Corcoran  Implementation of a nutrition-education manual designed to improve the diets of low income underserved populations
 Monica Cowart The Challenge of DSM-5: Guidance on Creating an Ethical Culturally Sensitive Intake Model that Gives Voice to Oppressed Populations 
 Michael DeCesare  Death on Demand: Jack Kevorkian and the Right to Die Movement
 Anthony Fernandez  Using X-ray Diffraction to Gain Insights into the Solid-State Reactivity of [Me PN(Me)iPr]Rh-X complexes)ͥͬ
 Anthony Fernandez  Simultaneous solutions to the system of equation x+y+z=k and xyz = 1 when the associated curve has rank 1
 Christina Hardway Promoting curiosity in the classroom: Video-based prompts to enhance students’ interest in new content and improve learning-related outcomes 
 George Heffernan Phenomenology of Evidence: Promises, Problems, and Prospects 
 He Li Political Thought and China’s Transformation: Ideas Shaping the Reform of Post-Mao China 
Matthew Isbell  Introducing Collaboration- Book Proposal, Chapter Outline, Position Paper 
Sirkwoo Jin  Team Emotional Labor and Team Performance: The Moderating Role of Emotional Leadership 
James Kaklamonos   Uncertainty in Predicting Earthquake-Induced Ground Motion
Joseph Kelley  Book Proposal: An Augustinian foundation for a Christian Spirituality useful for contemporary interfaith dialogue 
R. David MacLaren  Investigating the Effects of Environmentally Realistic Herbicide and Pharmaceutical Exposure on Hormone Concentration, Reproductive and Aggressive Behavior in Fish 
Michael Mascolo  The Role of Care in Moral Development 
Lynn McGovern  A Novel Approach to Short-Term Study Abroad Using the Literature of Isabel Allende 
 Jane Parent Developing a Model of Employee Engagement, Positive Organizational Psychology and Organizational Change 
Laura Moore-Pruett  La nuit des tropiques and Á Montevideo: A Critical Edition of Two Symphonies by Louis Moreu Gottschalk 
Sandra Raponi  A Pluralist Approach to Global Distributive Justice 
Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga  “¡Tigre Blanco, héroe del Barrio! Living and Dying Latina/o in a World of Super0heros.”  
Raymond Shaw  Textbook Prospectus: Re-Creating the Psychological Statistics Course 
Sally Shockro  Gramatica, Literacy, and Monastic Education in the Early Middle Ages 
Christopher Stuetzle  Gramatica, Literacy, and Monastic Education in the Early Middle Ages 
Andrew Tollison  Incorporating Person-Centeredness into the Nurse-Patient Relationship: A Model for increasing Communication and Patient Satisfaction 
Jacob Turner  A comparative and quantitative content analysis of two nightly sports news and recap shows as produced and broadcast by two prominent sports media and agenda setters. ESPN and Fox Sports 1 
Marc Veletzos  Ground Motion Selection for Segmental Bridge Modeling 
William Wians  The Search for Beginnings in Plato’s Symposium