Provost Innovation Fund Recipients

Current Recipients


Brittnie Aiello Emma Duffy Comparone Best Practices for Implementing a Correctional Program
Lisa Fuller Fr. Rick Piatt Bioethics Through Improvisation: Bringing Ethical Controversies to Life
Michael Mascolo What College Can Be: Cultivating Purpose, Passion, and Persistence?
Julia St. Goar Improving Pre­Service Teacher and Undergraduate Education At All Levels
William Wians  Materia Philosophiae: The Material Dimensions of Ancient Philosophy

Past Recipients



Traci Alberti    Impact of Financial Coaching on the Financial Capability and Well Being of Low-Income Households: A Randomized Program Evaluation
Taesoo Ahn Ticket Bundling Promotion in Lowell Spinners
Ellen McWhorter
Christy Pottroff
Finding Anne Bradstreet: A Literary, Historical, and Archaeological Search for America’s First Poet
Ana Silva
Christina Hardway
Allison Seitchik
Jane Parent
Impact of Financial Coaching on the Financial Capability and Well-Being of Low Income Households: A Randomized Program Evaluation
Jessica Molignano Merrimack’s Campus Kitchens Project: Delivering Student Powered Hunger Relief through Service Learning
Nancy Wynn Provost Art Gallery Project




Brittnie Aiello
Emma Duffy-Comparone

Inside Out Training: Writing the Life Course – Criminological Theory, Creative Writing, and Self
Mark Allman
Russell Olwell
Isabelle Cherney
Social Justice Month
Lyena Chavez
Kelsey Hargrove
Craig Looney
Christopher Duston
Anne Gatling
Douglas White
McQuade Mobile Telescope Initiative: Bringing Astronomy to the People
Fan Chen
Mary Papazian
Omer Unsal
Frances Nilsson
Morningstar & Capital IQ
Roselita Fragoudakis A Video Library of Finite Element Analysis Tutorials
Christina Hardway
Fang Zhao
Using Mindfulness to Enhance Teaching and Learning Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis
Zachary Kissel
Christopher Stuetzle
Lyena Chavez
CJ Wong
Sharon Shore Taitelbaum
Anne Gatling
Starting up Computer Science Education
Raymond Lavoie
Michael Stroud
Visual Attention in FLOW
 Azam Noori Greenhouse Renovation
 April Bowling
Cynthia Carlson
Katell Guellec
James Howland
Katherine Turcotte
Michaela Keating
Mindful McQuade
 Nancy Wynn Television Studio Sets
 Debra Michals
Hannah Trivilino
“Living Out Loud” Podcast


Faculty Title
Kevin Finn Expanding Experiential Education in Health Sciences Through a Simulation Laboratory
Laura Kurdziel Brain Vision: Neurophysiological Recordings for Teaching, Research, and Collaboration
Juliana Cohen The Health Sciences Center for Research and Innovation
Craig Looney
Christopher Duston
Kevin Salemme
Merrimack Lightboard Initiative
Tunde Szivak
Michael Corcoran
Cynthia Ferrara
Development of an Experiential Learning Course and Research Opportunities Using Advanced Technology in the Health Sciences
John Gallagher Equipment for Interdisciplinary Study of Smart and Active Materials for Academic Course and Research Development
Cynthia Carlson
Ana Silva
Bryan Bannon
ArcGIS Site License and Training
Paula Bordogna
Bethe McBride
Julie Noone
Sharon Shore Taitelbaum
Sujatha Thiruvengadathan
SMART Team Model Assessment, Travel, and Technology Request
Brian Provencher
Kathryn Nielsen
Sally Shockro
Laura Pruett
Laura Hsu
Laura Kurdziel
Daniel Herda
Brittnie Aiello
Jimmy Franco
Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to Shatter the Boundaries of the Classroom
Fan Chen
Mary Papazian
Morningstar Direct


Faculty Title
Taesoo Ahn Passion Course: Diversity and Ethics in Sport Business
Bryan Bannon Passion Course: The Meaning of Work: An Introduction to Philosophy
John “Sean” Condon
Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga
Passion Course: Study Travel Course to Cuba
 Jim Chiavelli Passion Course: Afghanistan: Culture and Conflict
 Cincia Digiulio Passion Course: Cinema and the Global Zombie
Courtenay Dunn-Lewis
Cynthia Ferrara
Passion Course: Development of a Freshman Year Professional Studies Seminar Course: Professions in the Health Sciences
Anne Flaherty Passion Course: The Politics of Food
John Giordano Passion Course: 9/11 in Words and Images
Jose Godinez Passion Course: Introduction to Doing Business in Latin America
 Christina Hardway Passion Course: Psychology of Identity and Purpose
 Karen Hayden Passion Course: Rural Crime
George Heffernan Passion Course: Life, Passion, Reason
Rob Koegel Passion Course: Happiness
He Li Passion Course: Globalization
Lynn McGovern Passion Course: The Gods Must Be Crazy: Exploring Culture, Context, and Intercultural Competence
Ellen McWhorter Passion Course: Inequality and Injustice in Life and Literature
Ralph Pass Passion Course: Honors Astronomy
Laura Pruett  Passion Course: The Concept Album in Popular Music
Autumn Ridenour Passion Course: Bioethics & Healthcare : Theological Approaches
Maria Sannella Passion Course: Exploring Ways to Market Businesses
Raymond Shaw Passion Course: A Large, Interdisciplinary Introduction to Psychology
Sally Shockro Passion Course: Mystery Plays and the Transformation of Late Medieval Europe
Joseph Stasio Passion Course: Great Entrepreneurs
Monica Cowart Passion Course: Center for Global & Interdisciplinary Gender, Social Justice, and Cultural Studies



Jack Adams Interdisciplinary Electromechanical Project with Significant Environmental, Cost, and Curricular Impacts -Electrical Engineering
Brittnie Aiello Prison Education at Merrimack College
John “Sean” Condon History Matters: Launching Online Undergraduate History Journal
Anthony Fernandez Implementation of an iPad-controlled Probeware System in the General Chemistry Sequence
Julie Fitzmaurice Developing a College-Wide Parent Participation Program
Jimmy Franco  Creating Virtual Experiential Learning Experience
John Gallagher  Interdisciplinary Electromechanical Project with Significant Environmental, Cost, and Curricular Impacts -Mechanical Engineering
Laura Hall Seelig Dedicated Classroom Space to Allow Use of Innovative Pedagogies in Mathematics Courses 
R. David MacLaren Establishing a Marine Field Station and the Study of the Whale Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation in the Gulf of Maine 
 Michael Mascolo Virtues in Praxis: Fostering Academic Motivation and Skill Development through Purposive Self-Cultivation 
Lynn McGovern  Study Abroad in Cuba: Catching the Wave of New Opportunities
Raymond Shaw Developing an Innovative, Interdisciplinary Data Science Program
Sally Shockro Why Does the Past Matter? Enduring Questions Application 
Ana Silva  Center for Financial Capability 



Jack Adams Powerful, Elegant, and Inexpensive Open System to Measure, Store and Visualize Energy Data-Electrical Engineering
Anne Gatling  Promoting STEM Discipline Understanding Through Service Learning
James Kaklamanos  Statistics in Civil Engineering (SCE): An Interdisciplinary Student Research Program
Janine LeBlanc-Staceski  Winter Intersession Research Experience (WIRE)
R. David MacLaren 

URIC: Investigating the Effects of Environmentally Realistic Herbicide and Pharmaceutical Exposure on Hormone Concentrations, Reproductive, and Aggressive Behavior in Fish 

Fr. Rick Platt A Public Panel Conversation with playwright John Patrick Stanley to coincide with the Department of Visual & Performing Arts’ production of his play Doubt
Sandra Raponi  Courses on the Philosophy of International Human Rights Law and Global Justice  
Kathleen Sills  Curriculum Re-Design for the 21st Century: Creating an Innovative Interdisciplinary Program in the Visual & Performing Arts  
Michael Stroud  Flipping Inquiry and Methodology through the Innovation of Apple 
Christopher Stuetzle  Powerful, Elegant, and Inexpensive Open System to Measure, Store and Visualize Energy Data-Computer Science
Paul Vatalaro  The New England Shore: The Inaugural Course in the Field-Based Seminar Series
Marc Veletzos  Increasing the Impact of the Haiti Service Learning Initiative 
Zi Yan  First Year Experience: Does it facilitate academic performance and acculturation among first year international college students? 



Jack Adams  Quantifying Energy Savings and Environmental Impact of a High-Efficiency Pump Installation
Taesoo Ahn  Understanding Potential MC Athletic Donors’ Motives and Constraints
Brandy Benedict   Developing an Honors Calculus I and II Course Sequence
Franco Capaldi An Infinitely Explorable Learning Environment  
Jimmy Franco Revitalizing SURP: The identification of novel DrpE1 inhibitors is an essential protein in M. Tuberculosis
Laura Hsu  Establishing an Undergraduate Research Program (URP)
R. David MacLaren Revitalizing SURP: Morphological and Behavioral Characterization of 2 Varieties of Girardinus Metallicus 
Ellen McWhorter  Literary New England: Creating a Travel Based Learning Experience 
Laura Pruett “God and Music”: A New Interdisciplinary Course 
Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga First Social Justice Week 
Paul Vatalaro English Department Curricular and Co-Curricular Initiatives Project Director 
Marc Veletzos  Haiti Service Learning Initiative 
William Wians HON 3301:London as text 
Zi Yan  Promoting Wellness and Cultural Competences  



Geraldine Branca
Paul Vatalaro
Building An English Program Committed to Field Experience, New Media, and Creative Expression 
William Bowhers
Jimmy Franco
Warren A. Kay
The World’s Largest Periodic Table of Elements
Franco Capaldi
Marc Veletzos
Attendance at the American Society of Engineering Education
Carol Ann Dalto Rome- An Exploration of Student Activities While Studying Abroad 
Kevin Finn Comparing the Effects of the Active Science Program on Physical Activity and Academic Performance in an After-School Program and In-Class Science Classroom
Kerry Johnson Organizational Meeting: Supplies and Books 
Jon Lyon Exploring a Merrimack-Belize Partnership: A Proposal to Develop Academic Linkages between Merrimack College and the University of Belize 
R. David MacLaren Development of the Merrimack College Summer Marine & Estuarine Studies Program (SMESP) 
Michael Mascolo  Writing as a Learning Tool: Fostering Writing and Thinking Skills in the Compass “Critical Inquiry Seminar” 
Lynn McGovern  Three ACTFL Webinars: Integrating 21st Century Skills to Engage Today’s Language Learners 
Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga  Funding for attendance at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference 
Angela Senander  Workshop at Villanova 
Ray Shaw  Travel to assessment workshop at Keene State 
Michael Stroud   Student attendance and presentation of thesis at the Association for Psychological Science, APS-STP Teaching Institute
KC Swallow  Chemical Investigations: A New Course for Research Preparation
Jacob Turner  Convivencia in Spain and Morocco