Sakowich Center for Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

SCURCA Recipients

See recipients of the Sakowich Center for Undergraduate Research Grant (SCURCA) at Merrimack College. 

Current Recipients

Summer 2023

Nicholas SantaBarbaraExploration of Preferences for the Content and Structure of a Workplace Wellness Program to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Laura Hsu, Stephanie Garrone-Shufran, Kirstie DobbsYouth to Power: Activism and Research
Laura Kurdziel, Allison SeitchikThe Impact of mTBIs on Sleep and Emotion Regulation
Fotios Kokkotos, Christopher StuetzleFederated Machine Learning Applications in Healthcare
Gwyne White, Christopher SimmonsThe Theoretical Pathways between Constructs of
Social-Emotional Resilience and Academic Outcomes in Early College STEM Students: A Potential Model for Change

Past Recipients


Faculty Title
April Bowling, Christopher Stuetzle GamerFit mHealth Application Development and Beta Testing
Juliana Cohen Development of a culturally appropriate food frequency questionnaire for Alaska Native children
Omer Unsal, Mary Papazian Green Bonds and Socially Responsible Eco-Financing
Katelyn Kurkul, Laura Kurdziel Brain Food: A health-promotion “whole child” approach to teaching executive function strategies
Stephanie Garrone-Shufran, Rory Tannebaum Exploring how Graduate Students in a Teacher Education Program Operationalize Core Theories and Concepts Related to Diversity, Social Justice, and Ethics
John Adams, Azam Noori, John Gallagher Plant growth and stress responses due to piezoelectric effects
Christopher Duston Monitoring and Analysis of Cataclysmic Variable Stars and Supernovae
Joseph Chiarelli Investigating Multiple Cyclodextrin Complexes Simultaneously in Solution
Zachary Kissel Christopher Stuetzle Research Experience for Undergraduate Students in Computer Science
Stephanie Garrone-Shufran, Kirstie Dobbs, Laura Hsu Youth Voice – Civic Engagement
Ruth McKenzie Physical functioning and physical activity in late middle age the relationship to mental health and cognition
Jonathan Latiano  The Only Thing That’s the End of the World is the End of the World
Jessica Peacock  Expanding Active Science® to Promote Physical Activity and Academic Achievement in Outdoor Education Programs


Faculty Title
Jack Adams Towards a Culture of Identification and Remediation of Low Cost, high ROI Energy Efficiency Opportunities in a time of Catastrophic Climate Change
Taesoo Ahn The Influence of Perceived Curriculum Service Quality and Experiential Learning on Student’s Program Satisfaction and Loyalty
Brandi Baldock Nanoparticle Building Blocks for Colorimetric Sensors
Leena Bharath Regulation of inflammation by auto-Nagy in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from normoglycemic obese subjects
Cynthia Carlson, C.J. Wong, Azam Noori Campus as a Classroom: Baseline Data Gathering
Fan Chen, Omer Unsal, Mary Papazian  The Value of ESG Investing
Christopher Duston Engaging Merrimack Students in Astronomical Research
John Gallagher, Jimmy Franco Photomechanical Characterization of Custom 3-D Printed Polymer Threads
Zachary Kissel, Christopher Stuetzle Summer Research Experience for Undergraduate Students
Laura Kurdziel Chronic Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), Napping and Emotional Reactivity
Katelyn Kurkul, Anne Gatling Epistemological Stance in Pre-Service Teacher and its Impact on Explanations
Jonathan Latiano The Only Thing That’s the End of the World is the End of the World
Mark McCoy Creation of Cysteine Mutations of Antibody Particles against 3 Phenoxybenzoic Acid
William McDowell, Cynthia Carlson Biotic and Abiotic Assessments of the Shawsheen River Watershed
Jessica Peacock Expanding Active Science ® to Promote Physical Activity and Academic Achievement in Outdoor Education Programs
Stephen Theberge Development of an Environmental Water Analysis Laboratory


Faculty Title
Taesoo Ahn  Understanding Internship and Job Markets in the Sport Industry
Brandi Baldock  Fluorescent Silver Nanoparticles for Plant Uptake Studies
Rickey Alfred Caldwell Jr  PID Controller Optimization for Position Control
Cynthia Carlson William McDowell  Biotic and Abiotic Assessments of the Shawsheen River
Juliana Cohen  Impact of Marketing in Fast Food Restaurants
Anthony Fernandez  Determination of the Influence of the Halide Ligand on the C-N Oxidative Addition Reaction of [mePN(Me)piPr]Rh-X Complexes
John Gallagher Characterization of Photorestrice Polymers & Bose Acoustic System for Cascia Hall
Lisa Perks Andrew Tollison Coping Through the Cancer Diagnosis Process
Andrew Tollison Coping Through the Cancer Diagnosis Process
Brian Provencher Synthesis and Characterization of Aryly Piperdines
Alison Russell Cyber Warfare Strategies
Omer Unsal Product Market Fluidity and Innovation


Faculty Title
Jimmy Franco Drug Discovery Project: Structure Based Design of Antifungal Compounds
Janine LeBlanc-Staceski Cloning, Purification, and Structural Analysis of Putative Superinfection Exclusion (SIE) Proteins From a Cluset E Mycobacteriophage, Hopey
Alison Russell Seapower Principles and Cyberpower
Jane Parent Louis Moreau Gottschalk’s La nuit tropiques and A Montevideo
Laura Pruett An Analysis of Merrimack’s Orientation Leader Training Program
April Bowling Kevin Finn Changes in Executive Function and Affect in Children After Exercise: Meditation by Modality and BMI
Isabelle Cherney Gender Development Textbook Ancillaries