Zampell Family Faculty Fellowship Recipients

Current Recipients

Zampell Family Faculty Fellows from Merrimack College pursue professional development through research.
Brandi BaldockInclusive Learning in the STEM Gateway: Design and Evaluation of Robust Alternative Assessments for Chemistry Curriculum
Katelyn KurkulBuds and Blossoms: The Merrimack College Intergenerational ProjectBuds and Blossoms: The Merrimack College Intergenerational Project
William G. McDowellNovel Pollutants in Aquatic Ecosystems

Past Recipients

Faculty Title
Sadegh Asgari

Cooperative Financed Based Scheduling for Construction Projects

Anthony Fernandez, Joseph Chiarelli

Empowering Student Engagement in Computational Chemistry Using Mobile Technology

Alicia Girgenti-Malone, Alyssa Yetter

Next Generation Law Enforcement Education and Training: Assessment of the Merrimack College Police Academy

Allison Seitchik, Laura Kurdziel

Online Longitudinal Assessment of the Relationship Between Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Emotional Regulation, and Sleep

Zi Yan, Sarah Benes, Eleanor Shonkoff, Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga, Seungbin Oh

Building A Community-Based Health Coaching Program to Support Student-Learning, Research, and Community Service

Melissa Zimdars, Kilhoe Na, Megan Cullinan

Facebook Groups, Health Misinformation, and Mistrust of Science: A Mixed Methods Research Study

Faculty Title
Sadegh Asgari

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Architecture and Civil Engineering Designs

Laura Kurdziel, Allison Seitchik

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI, also known as concussion), Sleep, Emotional Reactivity and Regulation

Azam Noori

Immunofluorescent Imaging of Plants Exposed to Nanoparticles – A Path in Determining the Mechanism of Nanoparticles

Faculty Title
Isabelle Cherney, Anne Gatling

Connecting Educators: Faculty Development with Augustinian Schools in Nigeria

James Kaklamanos

Enhancing the Prediction of Earthquake-Induced Ground Motion

Sadegh Asgari

Simulation and Analysis of Construction Markets Using Agent-Based Modeling