numerical literacy and quantitative skills.

Tutoring & Math Center

The services of the Tutoring and Math Center are now provided both face-to-face and online.

Face-to-Face Tutoring Sessions -

By Appointment

In-person, face-to-face, one-on-one tutoring sessions are available by appointment in the Tutoring & Math Center, located in 346 McQuade Library. These tutorial sessions comply with CDC, state, and Merrimack College guidelines. Tutorial sessions will be conducted using appropriate safety measures, including social distancing, face coverings, Plexiglas barriers, and contact-free collaboration. Make and manage your tutorial appointments at

Face-to-Face Hours:
  • Sunday 4pm-9pm
  • Monday 10am-9pm
  • Tuesday 10am-9pm
  • Wednesday 10am-9pm
  • Thursday 12pm-9pm
  • Friday 10am-1pm

 Contact-free means that no objects may be shared (including textbooks and written work). Be sure to bring your iPad or a laptop for electronic access to the content you would like to discuss.

Please note that face coverings are required at all times in the library and the Tutoring & Math Center. If it is not possible for you to wear a face covering, you will be directed to return to your residence and participate in our online tutorial sessions.

Online Tutoring Sessions -

No Appointment Necessary

Tutoring is available online in real-time through Blackboard Collaborate sessions (, and is hosted in the Blackboard course “Tutoring & Math Center Online Tutoring”. You do not need to make an appointment - visit us during any of our hours of operation. To access Tutoring & Math Center online tutorial services, take the following actions:

  1. If you are not enrolled in the course and wish to access the Tutoring & Math Center online, please request enrollment by writing to from your email address.
  2. Once enrolled, visit the Course Content page. You will be prompted to check-in at
  3. After checking in at, return to the Blackboard course and click on “Join Session” in the left-hand sidebar. You will be sent into the Collaborate tutoring session.

For the best learning experience, we recommend that you use at least audio, and possibly audio and video, during your appointment. If you do not have access to a microphone or camera, the tutorial can take place using the chat box and whiteboard features in the Collaborate session.

Online Hours:
  • Sunday 4pm-9pm
  • Monday 12pm-9pm
  • Tuesday 12pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 12pm-9pm
  • Thursday 12pm-9pm

If you have further questions or concerns, please email

About Us

In partnership with 21C, the Tutoring & Math Center provides a central location where you can collaborate with tutors and your peers to expand your learning opportunities in math and math-related subjects. The center is staffed with Peer and Professional Tutors and provides resources for walk-in participation. 

The Center is located in 346-348 McQuade Library.

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Faculty Recommendations

All Math Peer Tutors need a recommendation from a faculty member. If you would like to join /our staff, please have a professor who can speak about your mathematical knowledge and workplace skill recommend you using the link below.

Faculty Recommendations