Building Your First-Semester Schedule

Building Your First-Semester Schedule

Merrimack College takes an individualized approach to creating first-semester schedules for first-year students. Here’s how we do it!


Welcome to Merrimack College! The Academic Success Center is excited to work on a first-semester schedule that meets your academic needs and is manageable as a new student transitioning to college life.

Share Your Interests

One of the first “MackTasks” you’ll be asked to complete as an incoming Warrior is the Academic Interest Form. The Academic Interest Form is your opportunity to share your academic interests, career goals, hobbies, and other personal and academic information that will help the Academic Success Center build a first-semester schedule that’s right for you and your program of study.

Thinking about changing your major?

If you would like to change your major, please submit this New Student Major Change form and the Office of Admission will review your request.

If you have any questions regarding your current major, please contact Undergraduate Admission (, 978-837-5100 ext. 5) or contact your admission counselor.

Placement Assessments

A key component to building your academic schedule are your Math and Spanish Placement Assessments. Both assessments are available online through Canvas; they are untimed, you can start or stop them at any time, and your scores will not impact your admission status in any way. Your results will help us to match you with the right course levels.

If you have any questions regarding the placement assessments, please contact us at 978-837-5146 or

Reviewing Your Schedule

Your first semester schedule will be available for you to review during your Orientation session in June. At that time, you will meet with an academic advisor to discuss your schedule and any additional academic interests and plans. You will also receive instructions on how to access your schedule through myMack. Though it is unlikely that you will need to make any adjustments, you may contact the Academic Success Center at any time to discuss your schedule. 

The Academic Success Center staff will be available to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are excited to welcome you to Merrimack!

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