Interdisciplinary Courses

IDS1010: Global Pandemics Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of COVID-19

During the Fall 2020 semester, Institute Advisory Board Members, Dr. April Bowling, and Dr. Simona Sharoni endeavored on a team-teaching interdisciplinary studies course on global pandemics. The course focuses on all aspects of a pandemic, from biology to economic impact to mental health impacts; and draws on the expertise of faculty from Merrimack and in the surrounding area. The course consists of topic-based, interactive faculty roundtable discussions and smaller group discussion sections.

IDS2020: The Environment, Poverty, and Disease

Interim Institute Director, Dr. Ellen Fitzpatrick is conducting another interdisciplinary course during the Spring 2021 semester. The course examines sources of global environmental degradation and uses systems thinking to explore how this degradation opens pathways for disease, ill health, exacerbates poverty and food insecurity and catalyzes or maintains conflict. Students will also develop skills in applying social science theory and the analysis of data from a variety of sources. Students will assess and propose policies using the yardstick of health and environmental sustainability.