The finance minor is designed to introduce students to the primary concepts necessary to gain the managerial skills and analytical tools necessary to solve problems and address the financial concerns of a company.

Students may elect to take classes that teach the skills to analyze security investments; provide funding for a business; and control, plan and budget the flow of funds within an enterprise. 

Course Requirements

The finance minor requires a student complete a minimum of 20 credits.

Required Courses (complete all)

BUS 1100 Introduction to Business
BUS 2203 Accounting for Business
BUS 2215 Managerial Finance
FIN 3315 Corporate Finance

Elective Course (choose one)

FIN 3325 Investments
FIN 3500
FIN 3550
Fieldwork in Financial Coaching
Financial and Health Coaching
FIN 4315 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 4406 International Financial Management
FIN 4431 Applied Corporate Finance
FIN 4435 Financial Planning

Career Combination

Students who major in economics, math or engineering and minor in finance will have a great foundation for a career in finance. Graduates with a finance minor work in a wide range of areas, including personal financial planning, banking, corporate and public finance, investment banking, and accounting.