The global management minor introduces students to the primary concepts necessary to gain the managerial skills and analytical tools necessary to solve problems and address the international business concerns of a company.

Students may elect to take classes that teach the skills to analyze security investments, provide funding for a business, and control, plan and budget the flow of funds within an enterprise.

Course Requirements

The global management minor requires a student complete a minimum of 20 credits.

BUS 1100 Introduction to Business
BUS 2205 Principles of Marketing
MGT 3320 Global Marketing
MKT 3357 International Management
Plus one semester of a foreign language beyond the course used to fulfill the LS foreign language requirement.

Career Combination

For students who major in history, English, political science, communication, sociology, world languages or science, the global management minor will have a great foundation for a career in today’s increasingly global world. Your professional skills and international competence will enhance your employment prospects with firms that have an international presence.