Students in the management minor increase their knowledge of successful management practices and learn principles of motivation, communication, leadership, employee learning, organizational change and their impact on business results.

Students will be prepared to understand, analyze, and respond to the dynamic needs of managing and leading employees within organizations ranging from small, start-up firms to complex organizations.

Course Requirements

The management minor requires a student complete a minimum of 20 credits. 

Required Courses (complete all three)

BUS 1100 Introduction to Business
MGT 3310 Organizational Behavior
MGT 3330 Legal Environment of Business

Electives (choose two)

BUS 2203 Accounting for Business
BUS 2210 Management Information Systems
BUS 2213 Business Statistics
BUS 2220 Operations Management
MGT 3308 Quality Management
MGT 3325 Ethics and Social Responsibility
MGT 3350 Sustainable Business Practices
MGT 3351 Human Resource Management
MGT 3355 Diversity in the Workplace
MGT 3357 International Management
MGT 3360 Advanced Human Resource Management
MGT 3370 International Entrepreneurship
MGT 3375 Doing Business in Emerging Markets
MGT 4900 Special Topics in Management

Career Combination

Students who major in sociology, psychology, engineering, biology, theater, health sciences or education, and minor in management, will have a great foundation for a career in management. Graduates with a management minor may work in strategic planning, general management, consulting, operations, project management, nonprofit companies, healthcare organizations, and more.