Students who major in education; liberal arts; or science and engineering have the opportunity to minor in sport management.

The sport management minor provides business knowledge, skills and tools that are attractive to potential employers.

Course Requirements

A sport management minor requires a student complete a minimum of 20 credits.

Required Courses I (complete both)

BUS 1100

Introduction to Business

SPM 3000

Introduction to Sport Management

Required Course II (choose one)

BUS 2203

Accounting for Business

BUS 2213

Business Statistics

MTH 1110

Basic Statistics with Fantasy Football

MTH 1111

Basic Statistics

Elective Courses (choose two)

SPM 3005

Sport Marketing

SPM 3200

Sponsorships and Endorsements

SPM 3300

Sport Analytics

SPM 3315

Sport Finance and Economics

SPM 3500

Legal Environment of Sports

SPM 4900

Special Topics in Sport Management

Career Combination

Students who major in health sciences and minor in sport management will have a great foundation for a career in sport management. Graduates with a sport management minor may work in sport marketing, events management, athletic administration or facilities management, or for a professional team or league, college or high-school sports department, or sport-supply or fitness center.