Why Study Criminology and Criminal Justice?

The field of criminology studies crime as a social phenomenon; specifically, criminology is the systemic study of the causation, patterns, and control of crime and criminal behavior in individuals, groups, organizations, cultures and societies.  

Criminology fosters theoretical debates and ideas about lawmaking, lawbreaking and the social consequences of both. Criminologists work toward reducing crime and improving criminal justice policies.

The criminology program at Merrimack provides students with an understanding of crime that recognizes the complex relationship between society and its members. Courses focus on the degree to which people’s lives are influenced by broader sociocultural, political-economic and historical forces.

The study of criminology cultivates critical thinking and informed analysis about the legal system, crim, and systems of punishment and social control. Further, it examines how inequalities of race, class, gender, age and sexuality are intertwined with systems of control and punishment.

Photography for Merrimack College graduate programs.

Why Merrimack?

  • Our program positions you for a rewarding career in not only criminology and criminal justice, but also in related professions such as law, conflict resolution and social work.
  • Through our required internship program, you’ll gain firsthand experience working in various criminal justice and legal agencies.
  • Our new minor in forensic science gives you a front-row seat to the latest advances in criminal investigations and evidence collection.