Merrimack College Police Academy

Merrimack College Police Academy

Complete your police academy certification and earn a Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice in just one year.

The Only Program of Its Kind in Massachusetts

The Merrimack College Police Academy (MCPA) is offered in conjunction with Merrimack’s Master of Science in criminology and criminal justice program. It provides aspiring police officers the opportunity to develop professional skills in leadership, management and communication. Authorized by the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC), our police academy training is structured and delivered the same as all other full-time police academies in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Merrimack College Police Academy provides unique advantages over the traditional academy process in Massachusetts for prospective recruits.

Traditional Process
In the traditional process, you typically get hired by a police department first. Then, that police department has to sponsor your academy training and pay for you and your training. The police department waits for your training to be completed. Upon academy completion, you may start working for the department.

The Merrimack College Police Academy Process
Our academy program is different because it streamlines the prospective recruiting process. The Merrimack College Police Academy allows you to self-sponsor through the support of the Merrimack College Police Department. You receive your academy certification prior to being employed by a municipality.

Merrimack Policy Academy Featured in Merrimack Magazine

Why choose the Merrimack College Police Academy?

In support of the program’s mission to provide education and training to the next generation of police leaders, and to provide municipal police departments with a highly trained, diverse group of officers, the MCPA offers a powerful combination of benefits:

One-year completion.

In this full-time program, you will complete graduate coursework in the evenings with police academy training conducted during the day.

Career-focused master’s degree curriculum.

With our innovative curriculum, you’ll be prepared to take on 21st-century criminal justice issues related to law enforcement, crime analysis, technology, and justice advocacy and reform. 

Certified Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) instructors.

Our team includes experienced, certified instructors who work to train you to manage the complexities of policing in the 21st century.

Sponsorship by the Merrimack College Police Department.

Sponsorship for candidacy into the MCPA is provided once you have been admitted.

Rooted in social justice.

With a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, the Merrimack College Police Academy aims to modernize police education and training. We use evidence-based policy and practice to advance police reform and prepare officers to overcome the challenges faced by law enforcement in the 21st century.

Career preparation.

Extensive career events and advising opportunities help you prepare for the police hiring process in Massachusetts. You’ll be well informed about law enforcement careers and learn about police officer jobs that match your interests.

Program Format

  • On-Campus

Start Terms

  • Summer I

How does the Merrimack College Police Academy differ from others?

Merrimack’s program includes the completion of both police academy training and a master’s in criminology and criminal justice, all in just one year. Upon graduation from the police academy, you will be a Massachusetts certified police officer ready to join the police force. When applying to police departments, your academy training certification will give you a significant edge over other candidates.

You will also be certified to work for any municipal law enforcement agency, as well as the MBTA Police, Massachusetts Environmental Police, and college and university police departments. The program requires students to:

  • complete 32 credit hours (8 courses) in the master’s program
  • complete 792 hours of police academy training

Law Enforcement Jobs and Career Prospects

When you enter the law enforcement job market after graduating from the Merrimack College Police Academy, you will be state certified, able to start work immediately, and hold a master’s degree, making you a profoundly desirable candidate to potential employers. No other program in Massachusetts provides this opportunity. Further, a master’s degree increases the base salary at many law enforcement agencies and can help provide advancement opportunities.

Police officer employment opportunities are projected to grow 5% annually from 2018 to 2028. Even with crime rates falling in recent years, demand for police services to maintain and improve public safety is expected to continue. The combination of police academy certification with a Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice will expand your future career options, including positions such as:

  • Law Enforcement Supervision
  • Detective
  • Sheriff
  • Security
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Forensic Investigator
  • Special Agent at a federal agency: FBI, DEA, ATF, ICE, Secret Service, U.S. Marshal

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