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MINTS Civic and Community Engagement

Earners of this MINTS Civic and Community Engagement badge have asynchronously completed at least five Civic Engagement modules (the introduction module and four elective modules) through the Google Classroom platform created by the Merrimack Institute for New Teacher Support (MINTS). Each module includes videos, activities, assessments, and resource materials for participants. Earners of this badge will demonstrate growth in their careers as civic-minded educators as they reflect on their own learning experiences and create lessons that bring civic engagement into their own classrooms.

MINTS Civic & Community Engagement badge.


Teaching Science Remotely

Please explore our online graduate student projects developed to support K-7 grade teachers and students throughout the Merrimack Valley via MINTS and the NE Massachusetts STEM Network. Projects are based on K-7 grade level MA STE standards.

Projects are from Professor Gatling’s EDU 3360 (undergraduate) and ED 502 (graduate) Methods of Teaching Science Health and Physical Education Spring 2020 Students.

Please send any questions or comments to Professor Gatling at

Online Hiring and Support Platform

Selected online hiring and support platform - Merrimack College

Selected is a free online hiring and support platform for educators to learn about hiring schools where they’re best positioned to thrive. By creating a Selected account, Merrimack education students and alumni can connect with a variety of school types (PK-12, public and private, Boston to DC + LA) based on your preferences. Accounts also provide access to Selected’s library of resources to accelerate your job search and classroom effectiveness—all 100% free for Merrimack educators.

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