Finding the Right Match

The Merrimack Institute for New Teacher Support matches teachers new to the field with seasoned educators committed to sharing their knowledge and experience.

Looking for a Mentor

How do I request a mentor?

If you’d like to connect with a mentor who can help you, please email the Winston School of Education and Social Policy.

Am I eligible to request a mentor?

To request a mentor, we ask that you are somewhere in your first three years of teaching. You are also eligible for a MINTS mentor as an undergraduate or graduate student. Since you will be required to meet with your mentor, we request that you are in the Massachusetts area within a reasonable driving distance of Merrimack College. 

How can a mentor help me?

Our mentors know what you are going through. They are here to offer you advice, answer your questions and guide you in your first years of teaching. They come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and have experience in various classroom settings and grade levels. 

Working with your mentor, you will get insights and education-related knowledge to help you be the best educator you can be. 

How do you match me with a mentor?

We have a variety of mentors from different grade levels and experience areas. We try our best to match you with a mentor who is either close to you in location or matches up with you by experience, subject or grade level.

Becoming a Mentor

How do I sign up to become a mentor?

Please email the School of Education and Social Policy to discuss becoming a mentor.

What are the criteria for becoming a mentor?

We are looking for seasoned educators with more than 10 years in the field as a teacher or school administrator. Our mentors should have an interest in supporting new teachers, developing a relationship with them and guiding them through their professional development towards the Professional Standards of Teaching.

What are my responsibilities as a mentor?
  • Attend MINTS events with your mentee at least two times per semester.
  • Encourage your mentee to use MINTS resources and networking opportunities.
  • Meet or connect with your MINTS mentee at least once a month. Examples include classroom observations, meeting in-person to answer questions or connecting virtually to talk through helpful resources and guidance.
  • Be enthusiastic and take pride in supporting the next generation of teachers.
What are the benefits of becoming a mentor?

You will be supporting the growth and development of young teachers and helping improve student learning. As a mentor, you are also eligible to use this towards your Professional Development Plan at the completion of the academic year.

Contact Us

Amanda Alcox
MINTS Program Coordinator
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