Engineering Innovation Center

Center for Innovation and Research in Engineering and Computational Sciences

Merrimack’s Center for Innovation and Research is fully dedicated to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and designed to expand research capabilities, promote innovation and allow students to translate ideas into real-world applications.

"Designed to facilitate academic and institutional partnerships, inspire innovative ideas and fuel academic success, the Center for Innovation and Research in Engineering and Computational Sciences is a vital addition to Merrimack College’s expanding research culture. Specialized labs, classrooms, facilities and equipment strengthen our STEM programming, enhance our research capabilities and provide opportunities for faculty and students to work collaboratively and make groundbreaking discoveries.”

An Engineering Hub at Merrimack

This prominent new facility is an engineering hub and brings together technical education with hands-on development that allows students to bring their ideas into real-world applications and products.

Highlights of the new Center include:

Double the Current Engineering Space.

31,000 square feet of new engineering space was added in fall 2022. Another 14,000 square feet will be added by fall 2024. This expansion more than doubles the current engineering space.

State-of-the-Art Classrooms.

The Center includes new state-of-the-art classrooms, a 2,500 square feet Innovation Workshop and custom makerspaces to foster an entrepreneurial environment to develop, create and test ideas for research and corporate projects.

Updated Labs.

Labs and spaces dedicated to mechanics, robotics, geo/fluids, environmental engineering, material science and more are part of the new Engineering Innovation Center.

Dedicated Advising & Academic Support.

The Center brings together students, faculty and advisors. It offers dedicated advising and academic support areas for students to collaborate with faculty and get the support they need.

Features of the Space

Merrimack’s Center for Innovation and Research in Engineering and Computational Sciences is fully dedicated to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and designed to fuel collaboration, hands-on learning and research. 

The Center’s innovative space includes:

Structures and Materials Laboratory

In this dual lecture/laboratory space — equipped with torsion, compression and beam testing machines — students study the behavior of simple structures and materials.

Geosystems Laboratory

Designed for lectures and laboratory work, this space allows civil engineering students to scrutinize building sites by analyzing soils and fluids using a pipe rack, digital load frames, direct shear/consolidation testing devices, sieve shakers and a drying oven.

Environmental Testing Laboratory

Using glassware and drying ovens, aspiring environmental engineers can measure oxygen demand, pH, turbidity, temperature and more.

Simulation and Modeling Laboratory

In this lab, students will work with faculty to develop simulation and modeling skills using design, visualization, and mapping tools such as Autodesk, MATLAB, SAP2000, Abaqus, and ArcGIS.

Makerspace Student Sandbox

Innovative ideas come to life in this multipurpose workspace where students have access to tools, our parts library
and raw materials for exploring robotics, machine design and product development.


Complex 3D computer drawings become novel parts through the magic of 3D printers, a laser cutter and a metal-cutting waterjet.

Robotics Laboratory

Students explore the future of robotics with our Boston Dynamics Spot robot, a Pepper humanoid robotic system, VEX Robotics systems, a Teradyne testing system, and other advanced fabrication and testing equipment.

Fabrication Shop

Student designs become tangible prototypes using lathes, mills, tabletop CNC machines, bandsaws, grinders and other state-of-the-art metal and woodworking equipment.

Electrical Engineering Lab/Classroom

This hub for hands-on practice and learning offers spaces for lectures in electrical engineering, as well as electronics and circuit design labs.

Center for Innovation and Research Photo Gallery

The Center is located at 510-530 Turnpike Rd. – across from the Merrimack College campus. The spaces include labs, collaboration spaces and dedicated spaces for faculty, classrooms and advising.