Graduate Fellowships

Engineering and Computational Sciences Graduate Fellowships are highly competitive programs that build and enhance your professional skills and defray tuition costs. 

Graduate fellowships help you build skills and connections while making your master’s degree even more affordable.

Our full-tuition fellowships are available for students enrolled in the Thesis Option in the following programs:

Students learn torsion in an engineering class.
Civil Engineering
students taking notes in an engineering class
Mechanical Engineering

The fellowship provides 100% graduate tuition coverage and requires a 2-year, 20-hour-per-week, unpaid placement as a graduate research assistant alongside an esteemed faculty member from the School of Engineering and Computational Sciences.

Fellowships seek to enrich professional qualifications and help advance career goals through valuable hands-on experience while providing significant scholarships for highly qualified graduate students. 

Engineering student working on a project.

How to Apply


  1. Click the “Apply Now” button below or go to to begin or resume your graduate application.
  2. Within your app, select “Yes” for “Are you applying to a fellowship?”
  3. Submit your application. Be sure to complete the required Fellowship essay.
  4. Receive your admission decision. If admitted to the master’s program, you’ll receive further instructions about the fellowship process.
A screenshot from an iPhone displaying the question about fellowship interest on the graduate application.

To be considered for a graduate fellowship in any of our Engineering and Computational Sciences degree programs, apply online and indicate your fellowship interest within your online application. Acceptance into the fellowship program is a competitive process. An interview is required (in-person or virtually), as are demonstrated leadership, academic, and communication skills. In addition to the materials required for traditional graduate admittance, the fellowship application may require additional documents.

Please note:

  • If you are offered and accept a fellowship position, you will not be eligible for any other discounts or scholarships, including a merit-based Dean scholarship or the Double Warrior alumni scholarship
  • When you apply for the fellowship, you are also automatically considered for the traditional degree program. If you are admitted into the traditional program but not offered a fellowship, you will automatically be considered for a Dean scholarship.
  • If you are originally awarded a scholarship and then are given a fellowship placement, you will no longer receive the merit scholarship. The fellowship will replace any other discounts.

Dean and Alumni Scholarships

Dean and Alumni Scholarships are available to students who are not receiving a fellowship.