Celebrating Women in STEM

Women make up about half the U.S. workforce, but fewer than a quarter hold positions in the STEM professions — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — that make up the country’s fastest-growing sector.

Living and Learning Community

In an effort to increase the number of women in STEM professions, Merrimack has developed a unique Women in STEM Living and Learning Community where students live together on the third floor of Deegan West. 

  • The community is open to you if you are a first-year female student majoring in any of Merrimack’s science, engineering or math disciplines, including the health sciences.
  • You will benefit from exploring and sharing your passion for science and technology with other participants in a uniquely supportive environment.
  • Your cohort will take the same STEM-focused First Year Experience course together.
  • You will have access to special lectures and programming geared to a STEM audience.
  • You may serve as a mentor to middle school girls through community service projects.