Academic Advising

Your faculty adviser reviews your planned coursework each semester.

Co-ops and Internships

What makes our civil engineering program so special is our emphasis on learning outside the traditional classroom setting. We offer co-ops, internships, design projects, competitions and more. 


You’re automatically part of the Innovation through Engineering and Computer Science program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Designed to offer you academic support, iTEC features a peer and faculty mentoring program, specialized seminars, study groups and tutoring sessions. It’s everything you need to succeed in college — and in your career.

Objectives of the Program

We expect our graduates to be highly competent problem solvers who have fulfilled our program’s educational objectives

Organizations and Events

Merrimack College’s civil engineering students participate in a variety of organizations, clubs, events and special projects.

We have an active American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) chapter where you can connect with other students, faculty and staff and explore your interests. Participate in the annual ASCE Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe competitions. Join us on field trips, social gatherings and athletic events


There are also a variety of scholarships available for you to explore as you pursue your civil engineering degree. 

Success in Engineering

Merrimack equips you with the skills and education to be successful in engineering.