Academic Advising Guidelines

Advising Guidelines

Faculty advisers are here to answer all of your questions related to your college experience, including:

  • course selection
  • study abroad
  • co-ops
  • internships
  • career options and job placement

Who is my Advisor?

We will assign you a permanent advisor when you enroll in the program. Find out who your advisor is by going to MyMack.

Advising Week

During advising week, you should work with your adviser to figure out which courses you should be taking for the upcoming semester and beyond. Your faculty adviser will review your planned coursework each semester before you are cleared for registration.

How to Register for Courses

  1. Using the course checklist, your personal history (from MyMack) and the course schedule for the upcoming semester, plan out the list of courses you’d like to register for.
  2. Go over your list with your adviser.
  3. A department representative will review your list with your advisor and clear you for registration.
  4. Register on MyMack.