Graduate Housing

Learn more about housing options for graduate international students at Merrimack College. 

Before Starting Your Search

Where Should I Live?

Do you need to be near campus? Do you have transportation? What is your budget? Are you looking to have a roommate? For more information, you can always go to

Things to Consider

A lease is a contract. The amount of time that you sign for is the amount of time you are expected to pay. If the place you are looking to lease with has a 12-month lease, and you cannot stay the entire time, you should ask if subletting is allowed and if there are additional fees associated.

Depending on your personal finances, you may need a cosigner so start having conversations with your parent/guardian sooner than later.

If you are thinking of having roommates, know that roommate conflicts will be handled on your own. Make sure you are comfortable with the person you decide to live with and are having good conversations about living together before committing to live together.