International Student Support

Living and Working in the U.S.

Living and Working in the United States

Learn more about living and working in the United States as a Merrimack College international student. 

We want to help you have a smooth transition when moving to the US. Below are important documents that you may need or want to review in order to help you with your adjustment.

  • Getting a Massachusetts Driver’s License .pdf
  • International Student Tax Information.pdf
  • International Students Guide to US Health Care.pdf
  • Sample Letter_Inviting Foreign Guests for Commence.docx
  • Social Security Application Process.pdf

Employment in the US

On-campus employment is work that F-1 students whose status is Active in SEVIS status may apply for. On-campus employment is specific to work that takes place on campus or at an off-campus location that is affiliated with the school. Examples of on-campus employment include working at a university bookstore or cafeteria. Off-campus employment must be authorized by the ISS office in advance.