Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Learn more about transferring to Merrimack College as an international student.

Transfer SEVIS Record to Merrimack

Considering transferring to Merrimack College? Here are a few things you should know.

When an international student begins full-time studies at a new school, that student’s SEVIS record must be transferred to that new school. This allows SEVIS and non-immigrant students to maintain their original SEVIS ID and history. F-1 students may transfer their studies to another school during either one of two conditions:

  • During an academic program.
  • After completing an academic program and before starting a different degree program or level.

To request your Merrimack transfer I-20, please complete the below request. When you click REQUEST, you will be asked if you have log-in credentials for this site. If you’ve been working with a Merrimack admissions counselor and have access to MyMack and a Merrimack email, then you do have log-in credentials. Your username is the first part of your Merrimack email (without the and you use the same password that you use for MyMack and your Merrimack email.

So, Natasha Schnittke, email would use the username schnittken and her regular MyMack password to login. Please do not use the full email address and do not use a non-Merrimack email.

If you have any trouble with the log-in, please email We look forward to working with you.