• Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello
    Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello

Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello

Associate Professor, Strategy and Operations

International Perspective
A member of the Merrimack College faculty since 2016, Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello understands business from the perspective of speaking three languages and teaching for more than a decade at the undergraduate and graduate levels in Brazil, France, and the United States. His research in competitive strategy focuses particularly on non-market factors, such as boycotts, social media, or government targeting that can adversely affect a company’s reputation and ability to innovate.

“I often use what I learned from teaching in other countries to compare and contrast with our students’ perspectives. This opens up a broad range of alternatives for analysis and prescription that were previously latent.”

Putting Competitive Strategy into Practice         

Through case studies, Bandeira de Mello’s students apply critical thinking and analysis to solve current business problems not often found in traditional textbooks.

Professor Bandeira de Mello’s career:

Spans more than 10 years in academia, including:

  • Assistant Professor of Strategic Management, Graduate Program in Management, University of Vale do Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • Visiting professor at Paris-Dauphine University, France
  • Visiting professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Manager in charge of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects at the Santa Catarina State’s Planning Agency, Brazil.

Includes leadership roles in business, such as:

  • Engineering director of Lotus Construction Ltd., Brazil
  • Co-founder and manager of D’Road Software Ltd, Brazil

In business and competitive strategy, the conventional wisdom is that it is enough to be entrepreneurial and visionary. But it’s not sufficient. You need to develop relationships with the government and other stakeholders to build a favorable political landscape for your innovation to succeed.”