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Notable & Quotable

Notable & Quotable

Associate Professor James Kaklamanos was recently interviewed for a feature article on earthquakes in Turkey published on, a website that profiles the latest events, developments, and breakthroughs in engineering, science and technology. Kaklamanos teaches in the civil engineering department at Merrimack’s School of Science and Engineering.

Sadegh Asgari, associate professor of civil engineering in the School of Science and Engineering, recently co-authored an article published in the Journal of Automation in Construction, a top-tier journal in the field of construction and civil engineering. Asgari’s study introduces a novel method for automatically recognizing activities of multiple heavy construction equipment using sound data collected by a single-channel, off-the-shelf microphone.

Rodrigo B. DeMello, associate professor of management at the Girard School of Business, recently published an article in the Organization Science journal, a top journal in the management field. DeMello’s publication titled “The Returns to Nonmarket Strategies During Institutional Transitions: Investor Reactions to Actor and Tie Characteristics” explains how investor perceptions of non-market strategies’ legitimacy, and thereby value, change during institutional transitions toward greater legal compliance.

Azam Noori, associate professor of biology, was recently invited to serve as a guest speaker at the NASA Space Crop Production Team. Her research titled “Lycopersicon esculentum Molecular and Physiological Responses to Silver Nanoparticles” discusses using silver nanoparticles to improve crop production in space. Noori’s project was completed at Merrimack College with the assistance of the Department of Biology and several undergraduate students.

Kirstie Dobbs, assistant professor of practice in political science and public policy, was invited to the Youth Without Representation Workshop hosted by the University of Ottawa to present her research on youth involvement in political parties worldwide. In addition, Dobbs also attended the American Political Science Association Conference in Montreal to present her research on a youth civic engagement summer program called Youth Voice – a collaboration between Merrimack professors, the Merrimack Valley YMCA in Lawrence, and numerous local stakeholders.

Mary McHugh, executive director of civic & community engagement, presented at an APSA round table on Essential Topics for Introductory American Politics Courses and presented a co-authored paper “Connecting Students across Borders in Interdisciplinary Service Learning.” This paper is based on the International Service Learning Network Symposium that was held online this past spring. Five Merrimack students participated in the symposium and worked with students from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Anne Flaherty, associate professor of political science and public policy, presented her research at the APSA conference on Black Lives Matter and Indigenous Deaths in Custody in Australia and Canada. The presentation focused on the long history of indigenous peoples’ deaths in custody, challenges in the lack of coherent policy and resource responses and the potential for future changes in both countries.

Azam Noori, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, presented her research at the annual meeting of the American Society of Plant Biology (ASPB) in Portland, OR. Her presentation “Lemna minor for Silver Nanoparticles Phytoremediation” focuses on using common duckweed (Lemna minor) in removing silver nanoparticles from an aquatic environment.

Christine Shaw, Ph.D., professor of practice in graduate education, assisted the Linwood Ambulance in North Woodstock, NH, to obtain a SAMSA grant that will allow for more training and professional development opportunities for first responders. This project will create 20 new EMTs and educate an additional 230 EMTs on topics including mental health, opioid addiction, and substance abuse. This will also provide education to recertify all EMTs that take the education.

Kathryn Welby, Ed.D., associate professor of practice in the Winston School of Education and Social Policy. On June 15, Dr. Welby published Teaching Neurodiverse Students in Inside Higher Ed. The article provides detailed suggestions for how to provide accommodations while continuing to maintain high standards.

Associate professor in the Girard School of Business Joseph R. Stasio was featured in The Ascent’s Best Rewards Credit Cards for June 2022. Stasio shared his insight on high gas prices and if consumers should consider using credit cards that provide rewards to pay for gas.