Notable & Quotable

  • Mechanical Engineering Department assistant professors Anthony Di Carlo and Rickey Caldwell Jr., and former student Courtney Videchak ’19, have co-authored the paper, “Optimization of Spatially Distributed Soil Conductivities for Horizontal Ground Heat Exchanger” which has been accepted by the journal Applied Thermal Engineering.

  • Assistant professor of mechanical engineering Roselita Fragoudakis recently had a paper published in the International Journal of Structures Integrity and has a chapter to be published in the upcoming book “Engineering Failure Analysis.”

  • Health Sciences Department assistant professor April Bowling was recently featured in a posting. The article is called “Why Are We Learning This? Teaching Physical Education Boosts Brain Power.”

  • Psychology Department assistant professor Laura Kurdziel was recently featured by KABC-TV News in Los Angeles for a story on the benefits of napping for children. When children don’t get a nap they need, it stresses their bodies and makes it harder to go to sleep at night, Kurdziel told the news outlet.

  • Lisa Perks and Jacob Turner, both associate professors of communication and media, have had a manuscript about their experiences working with undergraduate students working on scholarly research projects accepted by the peer-reviewed journal Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research.

  • Assistant professor of communication and media Melissa Zimdars was a guest speaker at the CIVIX “Democracy Bootcamp” in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Sept. 12. The panel discussion was titled “Digital Threats to Democracy: Experts discuss the threat of misinformation and disinformation, and media manipulation.”

  • Joseph R. Stasio, an associate professor in the Girard School of Business’ Marketing Department, was recently featured on offering expertise knowledge on the use of credit cards, and especially Chase Freedom Credit Card. posed three questions centered on interest rates, cash back options and advertising.

  • Health sciences assistant professor Juliana Cohen was interviewed by both the Washington Post and Good Morning America (GMA) for a story on school lunches. Cohen says that because children learn better when they eat, schools should provide enough time to have lunch. 


  • The Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (BSCES) honored associate professor of civil engineering James Kaklamanos with the College Education Award recognizing his exceptional teaching and mentorship. The BSCES also named professor emeritus David “Doc” Westerling recipient of the Horne/Gaynor Award for his philanthropic activities in the public interest.

  • Susan B. Marine, associate professor of higher education, had her op-ed “Stonewall’s Children - and Grandchildren - are Alright” in The Nation’s 50th-anniversary commemoration of the Stonewall Riots. She advances the idea that contrary to stereotypes about Millennials, young LGBTQ student activists are working for change in powerful ways on college campuses.