Notable & Quotable

  • Joseph R. Stasio, an associate professor in the Girard School of Business’ Marketing Department, was recently featured on offering expertise knowledge on the use of credit cards, and especially Chase Freedom Credit Card. posed three questions centered on interest rates, cash back options and advertising.

  • Health sciences assistant professor Juliana Cohen was interviewed by both the Washington Post and Good Morning America (GMA) for a story on school lunches. Cohen says that because children learn better when they eat, schools should provide enough time to have lunch. 


  • The Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (BSCES) honored associate professor of civil engineering James Kaklamanos with the College Education Award recognizing his exceptional teaching and mentorship. The BSCES also named professor emeritus David “Doc” Westerling recipient of the Horne/Gaynor Award for his philanthropic activities in the public interest.

  • Susan B. Marine, associate professor of higher education, had her op-ed “Stonewall’s Children - and Grandchildren - are Alright” in The Nation’s 50th-anniversary commemoration of the Stonewall Riots. She advances the idea that contrary to stereotypes about Millennials, young LGBTQ student activists are working for change in powerful ways on college campuses.

  • Simona Sharoni, professor of women’s and gender studies and director of the Interdisciplinary Institute recently received the Eminent Scholar Award from the feminist theory and gender studies section of the International Studies Association (ISA). Sharoni has been an active member of ISA, one of the largest international academic associations, since 1991.

  • Peter Ellard, the dean of student success and academic support, who also teaches environmental ethics and religious studies, had his article “Don’t Think Your Campus Needs to Prepare for Climate Change? Here’s why you’re wrong” published in The Chronicle of Higher Education. He argues that colleges and universities must adjust to weather changes caused by climate change.

  • Jim Kaklamanos, associate professor of civil engineering and Zampell Family Faculty Fellow, was recently recognized with the Distinguished Service Award from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Tufts University, where he earned his Ph.D., M.S. and B.S.C.E. The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an alumnus or member of the Tufts CEE community who exemplifies service to their profession and the department.

  • Philosophy professor William Wians has published a second volume of essays titled “Logoi and Muthoi,” exploring interdisciplinary connections between ancient Greek philosophy and literature.  The chapters examine philosophical problems of knowledge and ethics in ancient writers, including Homer, Hesiod, Sophocles, Euripides, the pre-Socratics, the Sophists, Plato, Aristotle, and Lucretius. It is available on

  • Brittnie Aiello and Emma Duffy-Comparone have published “I Never Thought I Could Accomplish Something Like This: The Success and Struggle of Teaching College Courses in Jail” in the Journal of Prison Education and Reentry. The article discusses their work teaching Merrimack College courses at the Essex County Correctional Facility.

  • Fathers Stephen Curry and Richard Piatt spoke to the Eagle-Tribune about the burning of Cathedral of Notre Dame at the start of Holy Week. “She symbolized Paris, a symbol of grace, and hope, and comfort that both humbled and lifted up all those who approached her facade,” said Piatt. Curry said the cathedral “embodies centuries of devout Catholics’ faith, prayers, miracles, religious history, and spiritual inspiration.”