Notable & Quotable

Emma Duffy-Comparone, director of The Writers House, will publish her first book,Love Like That,a collection of short stories from Henry Holt & Co., in March 2021.

Philosophy professor William Wians has published a second volume of essays titled “Logoi and Muthoi,” exploring interdisciplinary connections between ancient Greek philosophy and literature. The chapters examine philosophical problems of knowledge and ethics in ancient writers, including Homer, Hesiod, Sophocles, Euripides, the pre-Socratics, the Sophists, Plato, Aristotle, and Lucretius. It is available on

Assistant Professor Rickey Caldwell contributed to a recent Zippia panel, Understand How the Pandemic Changed the Job Market. Caldwell was among thousands of experts surveyed across many different fields and his market insights were featured on the main page.

Peter Ellard, the dean of student success and academic support, who also teaches environmental ethics and religious studies, had his article “Don’t Think Your Campus Needs to Prepare for Climate Change? Here’s why you’re wrong” published in The Chronicle of Higher Education. He argues that colleges and universities must adjust to weather changes caused by climate change.

Monica Cowart, vice provost, and Sean Condon, interim dean of the School of Liberal Arts, were quoted in a Sept. 13, 2017, North Andover Wicked Local story about the school’s new interdisciplinary institute, which willstudy the current political and cultural climate in the U.S., with a focus on bias. “Given recent events in our country, our focus on bias seems particularly relevant and powerfully important,” said Cowart, founding director of the institute. “This creation of the institute further underscores the college’s historical commitment to fostering social justice and to embracing diversity.” Condon said that faculty and students involved with the institute will have opportunities to become more effective problem solvers. “It will enable them to engage with others who have different perspectives and approaches, and in turn, both students and faculty will be motivated to take collaborative approaches to formulate and address complex and crucial questions,” he said.

Associate Professor James Kaklamanos was recently interviewed for a feature article on earthquakes in Turkey published on, a website that profiles the latest events, developments, and breakthroughs in engineering, science and technology. Kaklamanos teaches in the civil engineering department at Merrimack’s School of Science and Engineering.

Five faculty members were awarded tenure in January by President Christopher E. Hopey. They are:Jimmy Franco, assistant professor of chemistry;Brittnie Aiello, assistant professor of criminology;Sally Shockro, assistant professor of history;Susan Marine, associate professor and program director in the higher education master’s program; andSirkwoo Jin, assistant professor of management.

Melissa Zimdars, assistant professor of communication, was interviewed by the grassroots media website Weave News for thefourthpartof its “Attack on Academia“series with academics who have endured sustained campaigns of threats and harassment from the alt-right. Zimdars made national headlineswhen a document she created to help her students practice analyzing the credibility of various websites claiming to share news went viral and incurred the wrath of far-right organizations and individuals.

Presidential Rhetoric and Indian Policy is a book recently published by Dr. Anne Flaherty, associate professor of political science public policy and interim associate dean of the School of Liberal Arts.

Associate Professor Joseph Stasio was featured in WalletHub’s Best Barclays Credit Cards article. Stasio teaches in the marketing department at Merrimack’s Girard School of Business.

Associate professor of communication and media Lisa Perks was cited as a source for an article in The Wall Street Journalon March 20, 2020 about what people are watching on TV while in self-isolation during thecoronavirus pandemic. Perks, who researches binge-watching and media-engagement, said media-marathoning can be a therapeutic coping mechanism.

Associate Professor Joseph Stasio was featured in WalletHub’s piece about lowering the cost of car insurance. Stasio teaches in the marketing department at Merrimack’s Girard School of Business.

Associate Professor Sirkwoo Jin was published in the March 9, 2021 edition of Organization Science about the value of bringing emotions into the workplace.

Psychology Department assistant professor Laura Kurdziel was recently featured by KABC-TV News in Los Angelesfor a story on the benefits of napping for children. When children don’t get a nap they need, it stresses their bodies and makes it harder to go to sleep at night, Kurdziel told the news outlet.

Father Rick Piatt, director of the Rogers Center for the Arts, was quoted in an Aug. 22, 2017, Burlington (Mass.) Union story about an interfaith peace and unity gathering at Temple Shalom Emeth in Burlington. Piatt said he attended the event “to listen, learn and be supportive.” He added that he is confident Americans will stand up against the type of bigotry that was on display in Charlottesville, Virginia, the previous week. “They (white supremacists) will not win,” he said.

Omer Unsal, assistant professor of finance, was quoted in a Dec. 14, 2017, story in Pacific Standard,an online magazine that works toward changes to private behavior and public policy. The story examined howcompanies with high incidents of employment lawsuits spend significantly more money on lobbyists than those that don’t, resulting in better court case outcomes. “Lobbying firms do not suffer from reduced value, while nonlobbying firms suffer from litigation and major problems,” Unsal said.

Paul Antonellis Jr., lecturer in management and director of the human resource management programs, and Rachel Silsbee, assistant director of student success at the Writing Center, publisheda paper, “Employment Interview Screening: Is the Ink Worth It?” in the February 2017 issue of the Global Journal of Human Resource Management. The paperlooked at how tattoos are viewed by interviewers and the impacttattoos have on the interview process. Antonellis published a second article, “Practical Steps for the Utilization of Action Research in Your Organization: A Qualitative Approach for Nonacademic Research,”in the May 2017 issue of the International Journal of Human Resource Studies. The article detailed the process nonacademic researchers can use to investigate topics they wish to change within an organization.

Associate Professor Joseph R. Stasio was featured on WalletHub’s “Ask the Experts” section under the 2021 GEICO Car Insurance Review, lending expertise on marketing trends and the vitality of insurance reviews.

Russ Olwell, associate dean of the Winston School of Education and Social Policy at Merrimack College, contributed to a letter to the editor of the Eagle-Tribune about the value of dual enrollment classes.

Kathryn Welby, Ed.D., associate professor of practice in the Winston School of Education and Social Policy, was a featured educator in EducationWeek in January. She offered three things she would tell herself as a first-year teacher.