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Podcasting with the President

Podcasting with the President is the official podcast of President Christopher E. Hopey, Ph.D., the eighth president of Merrimack College.

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Merrimack in a Minute

Merrimack in a Minute is an official podcast of Merrimack College hosted by President Christopher E. Hopey, Ph.D. Tune in for your Merrimack College news – all in one minute!

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Coaches Corner

Grad Chat

The Grad Chat Podcast is the official podcast of Merrimack’s Office of Graduate Admission. Each episode highlights a different Merrimack graduate program, with current students, alumni, and program faculty joining the Merrimack graduate admission to share their stories.

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Healthy Enough

Dr. April Bowling and Dr. James Slavet, leaders of THRIVE Lab, harness research and realism to help parents of children with diverse mental health challenges understand how small exercise, nutrition and sleep habits can lead to big improvements in mental and physical wellness.

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Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud: Storytelling for Social Change is the official podcast of Women’s and Gender Studies at Merrimack College and is hosted by the department’s chair and assistant professor Debra Michals.

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Merrimack Talks Business: The Girard School

Merrimack Talks Business, the official podcast of the Girard School of Business at Merrimack College, is a faculty and staff run show hosted by assistant marketing professor Yilong “Eric” Zheng.

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The Restless Hearts Podcast

The Restless Hearts Podcast, hosted by Fr. Ray Dlugos, vice president of mission and ministry at Merrimack College, presents spiritual reflections and conversations about our journey together as human beings.

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