Bystander Intervention

Our Responsibility

At Merrimack College, we believe that all members of our community have a responsibility to help each other and intervene to prevent potentially violent behavior.  

Green Dot

Merrimack College is committed to engaging members of our community and turning them into active bystanders who believe in our cultural norms that violence is not tolerated, and that we all can help reduce violence on our campus.  Through the nationally recognized Green Dot program, community members can learn the skills they need to become active bystanders and take action against violent behavior on our campus.

For more information or to attend a training session, contact Jim Howland.


The #MackActs campaign was specifically designed to give students the tools they need to be active bystanders and prevent potentially violent behavior.  Starting with training sessions provided at First-Year Orientation, students gain an understanding of the bystander effect and are provided with guidance on how to successfully intervene in difficult social situations. Through this campaign, the College believes that it can enlighten, engage and empower our community to help combat sexual misconduct and domestic violence.

AlcoholEDU and Sexual Assault Prevention

Merrimack College has provided access to all first-year students to two online educational courses with a mission to help students address critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention and sexual assault prevention.  As part of our comprehensive educational approach, Merrimack College will expect each member of our first-year class to complete the “AlcoholEdu” and “Sexual Assault Prevention” courses. Whether you drink or not, these courses will empower you to make well-informed decisions about issues that affect your college years and beyond, and they will help you better cope with the behavior of your peers.