Know Your Rights

Merrimack College assures survivors and accused students of the following rights:

  • To expect that reports of sexual misconduct will be taken seriously by Merrimack College.
  • To prompt notification and explanation of the allegations.
  • To a timely resolution from the Student Conduct process that is closed to the public.
  • To a fair, open-minded and objective consideration of alleged sexual misconduct policy violation.
  • To be informed of available health and wellness counselors.
  • To be made aware of the available resources of the Merrimack College Police Department, Hamel Health Center, The Counseling Center and Campus Ministry.
  • To receive notification of and assistance with the option of changing academic, living, working and/or transportation situations after an alleged incident of sexual misconduct if such changes are reasonably available (no charges or investigation, campus or criminal, need occur before this option is available).
  • To obtain an on-campus “No Contact Order” through the College’s Office of Campus Life.
  • To present information surrounding the incident(s).
  • To an advisor of their choice, which the students must arrange for themselves. Please note that advisors may only participate in very limited circumstances. Advisors may attend but not actively participate in any meetings or proceedings related to the Student Conduct process.
  • To request that investigators ask certain reasonable questions of witnesses.
  • To question people presenting testimony against him or her.
  • To be informed of the outcome and sanction of any disciplinary hearing involving sexual misconduct.
  • To limit information pertaining to prior sexual history presented in a Student Conduct Board hearing.
  • To submit an appeal of a decision to the Vice President for Mission and Student Affairs.