Poster Templates

Below are some resources that will help you create a poster for the conference.

Poster Presentation Tips Video

NOTE: The size of your poster is 34 x 36 which is in the portrait orientation. If your poster is not the appropriate size, it will not be fit on the boards and will be not be part of the conference.

  1. To start your poster, create a new Google Slides presentation from within your Google Drive.
  2. Once inside the blank presentation, click on the ‘File’ menu, rest your pointer on ‘New’, and then click on ‘from template’.
  3. Under the Merrimack College tab, click on the ‘Research and Creative Achievement Poster Template’ on the far right.
  4. This is now your poster to edit which is automatically saved in your Drive.

Next Steps

When you are ready to create your poster, visit Presentation Tips for some useful tutorials.