Wesley Matthews '24

Graphic Design

Wesley Matthews


For my senior project I chose to make a short film instead of curating my artwork for a gallery or even taking a different storytelling approach through a comic. What drove me to want to create a short film is the range and creativity the medium allows. It felt important to me that I develop a plausible storyline that I could watch grow from my small idea I once pictured, to a fully designed film.

Storyline: Hardworking Pierre sees the daily routine of his drug-dealing neighbor Roy. With flashes of money and power, Pierre’s cashier jobs just don’t feel like enough in the shadows of Roy. Pierre’s late morning wake-up, and firing from his job, leads him to build up enough confidence to pursue “Roy’s life.” Roy shows Pierre exactly what he has cut out for him if this is what he wanted.

Watch the short film Boxcars on YouTube

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