Benjamin Mendonca '20

Theatre Arts Major

Stage Management: The Moors

Stage Managed the VPA Fall 2019 play—The Moors

During my time at Merrimack, often I have been found both on and off stage. I have been involved in 20 productions with my role ranging from acting, to run crew, stage management, and designing. It has been thrilling to be able to have shared every amazing production with so many, and I thank those who support live theatre.

Stage management is a role often overlooked. As the stage manager for “The Moors,” it was my responsibility to keep track of everything happening in the show. This includes running production meetings for all departments such as lights, sound, scenic, costumes, and props to make sure that each member of the design team stays on the same page. I also took notes during each rehearsal to keep organized and maintain the director’s vision, while also being able to answer any questions that may arise. During the show itself, it is my responsibility to keep the show the same as the day we opened. This involves following a script I created to keep lights, sound, and the actors all on track and to give each audience the show they deserve. For these efforts, I was nominated for Excellence in Stage Management and competed in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival where I also had the opportunity to display my work for others.

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