Katrina Pusateri '20

Graphic Design Minor

Lancaster Made

My senior thesis project, Lancaster Made, is inspired by my one of a kind upbringing. My great grandfather, “Nono” Pusateri was a farmer who built a life around hard work, dedication, and craftsmanship across acres of land on Lancaster Street, West Boylston Massachusetts. As family blossomed, he passed down his vast Lancaster Street property to his daughter and grandchildren.

Many years later, three generations of the Pusateri family share the same stretch of land – cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings with one big backyard. Now, Lancaster Street flourishes with flowing fields of hay, waves of vibrant green grass, bountiful gardens, an ever growing forest, and Nono’s shed standing strong among it all. We continue to work with our hands, create with passion, and build from scratch.

Looking for a way to bring human touch and old fashioned ties back into my work, I learned the art of canning. I created a 3-item line of sweet, homemade small batch spreads. Lancaster Made strives to bring traditional ideals back into the picture by using locally grown and on-hand ingredients, limiting waste, and making use of what is already available.

My design style uses organic illustration and typography, pairing suggestions, and storytelling to communicate a “made at home” quality. This brand represents my background, my values, something old and something new. I hope Lancaster Made and it’s story connects with others and reminds them of their own roots and the unique paths paved before them.

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