Joe Tavanese '20

Graphic Arts Major

Project Traveler

Project Traveler takes place in the combined world of the Dragon Ball franchise and the video game Destiny. It is a small section of a larger story that I have been writing for eight years now. It follows the story of Gianna Kurosaki, a Guardian who lost her life after six years of service. Additional characters are her Ghost partner Sai, and her Guardian sisters, Brooke, Becky, Rebecca, Gina, Iblisia, Oliana, Piper, Yari, Whitney, Chloe, Cynthia, Veronica, Peyton and Grace.

The story centers on a journey to stop the Darkness from destroying the Light. Gianna was considered the best Guardian in the core, but must regain her memories to help end this ongoing war. The Guardians battle alien races—the Fallen, the Hive, the Vex, and the Cabal across every corner of the Solar System. They encounter many deadly foes, some of which want nothing more than to take their lives and others who have attachments for what makes them human.

Along the way, Gianna starts to realize that the line between Light and Dark is not as big as everyone thinks it is. Gianna also learns that if she wants it, she alone has the power to make a better future happen.

The stage is set for an amazing and unforgettable journey. As the Guardians learn the Darkness is returning to finish what it started eight years ago. It is up to a newer generation to carry on what the predecessors left behind. Join Gianna and the Guardians for adventures, unlike any other.

My project includes storyboards, my anime story with characters, and a trailer.

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