Josh White '20

Graphic Design

Slab Countertops

My capstone project focuses on combining epoxy resin with concrete, or medium
density fiberboard, to create countertops that emulate real stone at a more affordable price. I chose to combine these materials because together they can be more durable than real stone. These materials also provide consumers with a one of a kind countertop customization experience.

For the physical display, I designed and built a custom bathroom vanity with an epoxy countertop that emulated Carrara Marble. I emulated the Carrara Marble countertop because it is a neutral color stone that appeals to many people. Carrara Marble is also quite expensive and I wanted to showcase how you can recreate this beautiful stone without breaking the bank.

To emulate a real business, I created a brand identity for this project, which included a logo, website, brochure, business card, and Instagram page. Additionally, I created an LED sign in the shape of my logo.

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