Briana Paparazzo

M.S., Community Health Education, 2023
Fellowship: Community Wellness Department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Fellowship and Experience in M.S. in Community Health Education Program Set Her Up for Future Success

An alumnus of Merrimack’s Master of Science in Community Health Education program, Briana Paparazzo is a Double Warrior who obtained her undergraduate degree from Merrimack in Health Sciences.

While she earned her graduate degree, Briana also completed a graduate fellowship in the community wellness department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She explains, “I was working on their ‘get-fit’ program, which is a health and wellness program for their community. I worked 15-20 hours per week creating content and evaluating program efforts to involve the community.”

“Merrimack offers a diverse range of courses and experiences that allow all individuals of their program to find opportunities of interest to them. One of the biggest attractions of the Merrimack master’s program was the opportunity to complete a fellowship. I chose to attend Merrimack as my appreciation and trust in their staff/professors are unlike any other educational setting. It is apparent their devotion to helping you succeed in the future.”

Briana credits the graduate program for helping her build the skills and experiences needed to help her achieve her career aspirations. “My master’s experience gives me opportunities to showcase my talents through research and projects that enhance my ability to meet the expectations of a candidate in my desired future field,” she observes. “My journey to obtaining my master’s degree has allowed me to develop a career/academic portfolio that will allow me to secure a position of interest to me post-graduation.” She concludes, “The master’s program enhances your undergraduate degree and is an unmatched experience to set up for future success.”

For prospective students considering a health sciences graduate program, Briana has some advice:

“What you put into your graduate experience is what you will get out of it. This is an opportunity to enhance yourself prior to going into a field of choice. Use these opportunities!”