Quezia Lacerda

Quezia Lacerda ’18

Chemistry, 2018
Cell Therapy Drug Production, Post Doctoral Fellow

Post Doctoral Fellow's Memories of Merrimack

Quezia Lacerda was a biochemistry major at Merrimack, graduating with the class of 2018. Since her time at Merrimack, she has

“The student-to-professor ratio at Merrimack College was excellent compared to other large institutions.”

In addition to interning at 6K Energy, Lavallee served as a First Year Mentor for incoming freshman at Merrimack, as well as a chemistry tutor. Brendan’s passion for chemistry allowed for him to connect with his fellow students, while also serving as a mentor for undergraduate students who needed support. He helped students who needed assistance adjusting to the new pathways of college, while tutoring students in both general and organic chemistry materials.

Brendan thanks Merrimack’s staff for giving him the tools to start his career off right. “Lauri Gibbons taught me and my peers to pave our own paths. She was a great advisor as graduation approached and provided us many valuable resources when it came to options after post-grad.”