Lockdown Procedures

Response to Threats

A lockdown is a precautionary measure in response to a threat directly to the college or in the surrounding community.

Depending on the type of lockdown, interior and exterior doors on campus are locked. No one is allowed to enter or exit the building. 

Authority to Initiate Lockdown

All faculty and staff have the authority to initiate an emergency lockdown. Such situations where an emergency lockdown may be warranted are:

  1. Observing an armed intruder.
  2. Hearing a gunshot.
  3. Any situation where exposure to outside conditions may endanger staff, faculty, students and/or visitors.

Methods of Announcing Lockdown

  1. A lockdown should be initiated when an armed intruder is observed. As soon as possible, call 911 to report the situation.
  2. Your observations may be the only criterion for determining that a lockdown should be implemented.
  3. Staff and faculty members should announce the lockdown to others in their area and direct building occupants into a room that can be locked, or out of the building if you are a safe distance from the shooter.

Lockdown Procedures

  1. Do not expect to hear any audible alarm and do not  activate the fire alarm system. There have been cases where active shooters have activated fire alarms to lure victims outside.
  2. Police officers have other duties to perform during a lockdown and may not be available to assist in announcing the lockdown or providing directions.


On campus
Ext. 5911 (or use RAVE Guardian for instant,
silent text communication)

Off campus