Active Shooter

Assess Your Options

If an active threat is present on our campus, keep in mind the principles of the College’s Active Shooter | Emergency Response Plan, namely RUN, HIDE, FIGHT. Run means evacuate away from danger if you can do so safely. Hide means to secure-in-place and Fight means protect yourself if there is no other option.


  • Run means evacuate away from danger if you can do so safely
  • Be vigilant — be aware of strange people, unusual events or gunshots, etc….
  • Sound the alarm (if feasible) — let others know, contact the police immediately.
  • Get away from danger.
  • Exit the area by any means possible.
  • Know escape routes from your location.
  • Decide to leave for a safe location.
  • When you reach a safe location, call 911 or the college’s emergency number (978-837-5911).  Do not assume that someone else has reported the emergency. 
  • The information that you are able to provide law-enforcement officers, e.g., number of shooters, physical description of shooter(s), number and type(s) of weapons and location of the shooter(s), could be critical.


  • Hide means to secure-in-place 
  • If you are unable to exit the building (or area), deny access to your location by hiding from the potential threat.
  • Make it difficult to reach you.
  • Barricade doors and darken windows.
  • Put as many objects and locked doors in the way as you can.
  • Stay out of sight.
  • Silence cell phones by placing them on vibrate to avoid attracting attention. Do not use cell phones except to report life-or-death situations inside the room or to report the location of the intruder(s).
  • While in hiding, ignore fire alarms unless you see smoke or fire, in which case you must assess whether it is safer to remain in the room or expose yourself to possible outside danger.
  • Instruct occupants not to shout at, point at or move toward officers who may enter the room, and to keep their hands visible to officers.
  • The first group of responding law enforcement will not stop to assist you as they go through the building. Their priority is to move toward the sound of gunfire to neutralize the shooter.
  • A second group of law enforcement officers sweeping the building are there to provide a secondary search and to acquire aid for injured persons.


  • Fight means protect yourself if there is no other option. 
  • If you cannot leave, or the suspect is already in your area, defend yourself in any way possible. Find improvised weapons such as chairs, pipes, fire extinguishers, pencils, pens, feet and fists.
  • Get as close as you can to the access point before the shooter enters.
  • Try to get a hold of the shooter’s weapon and get it pointed away.
  • Use a pack mentality and swarm the shooter.
  • Don’t stop!

Keep in Mind

  • Hiding only works for so long.
  • There are very few things that will stop a bullet in most locations. Have a survivor’s — not a victim’s — mindset.
  • Getting shot does not mean that you are dead.
  • Decide right now that you are going to do whatever it takes to survive.
  • You can and must keep going.
  • Remember: The suspect is trying to kill you!


On campus
Ext. 5911 (or use RAVE Guardian for instant,
silent text communication)

Off campus