Response Procedures

System Alerts

Merrimack College employs two primary means of notifying the campus community of emergency situations: Rave Alerts and an outdoor warning system. 

Rave Alert

The Rave Alert system sends emergency notifications (as well as news of school closings) to your designated landline phone (voice), cell phone (text) and email account. Please verify or update your contact information at

It is recommended that, when appropriate, undergraduate students add their parent(s)’ or guardian(s)’ cell-phone numbers to their Rave account so they also receive emergency notifications. You may add up to three cell phone numbers to your account.

Outdoor Warning System

During certain emergency situations, emergency call boxes (also known as blue-light phones) located throughout campus will sound a loud siren, followed by an announcement with instructions. Blue-light phones offer direct, two-way communications with the Merrimack Police Department on a 24-7 basis. Please familiarize yourself with the location of these phones.

More Information

For all technology-related questions or requests, contact Information Technology Services:

Second floor, McQuade Library


On campus
Ext. 5911 (or use RAVE Guardian for instant,
silent text communication)

Off campus