When you’re not in class, continue to prepare for the future by expanding your content knowledge, study and literacy skills with your Twenty-First Century Literacy Partners.

What is 21C?

Twenty-First Century Literacy Partners (21C) is a network of academic support offices and programs that can help you enhance the critical skills that employers want. We offer campus-wide tutoring servicesstudy partners and access to research librarians who can help you. You may also visit our partners in the Tutoring & Math Center and the Writing Center


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Optimize strategies for success. McQuade Library -rooms 346-348.
978-837-5767 (phone)


Gain numerical literacy and quantitative skills. McQuade Library - rooms 346-348. Walk-ins preferred or make an appt on TutorAIRS.
978-837-5228 (phone)


Experience high-impact reading and writing assistance. McQuade Library - rooms 346-348.
978-837-5170 (phone)


Advance knowledge of the disciplines. Multiple locations across campus.


Discover, evaluate and integrate sources. McQuade Library, 2nd floor. Walk-ins are welcome or make an appt.
978-837-5177 (phone)
978-837-2275 (text)


The Writing, Tutoring & Math Center Suite (McQuade 346-8) has been configured with your learning in mind.

348 McQuade Library: Comfortable Study Spaces, Collaborative Spaces, and Computing Zone

Enter 348 McQuade Library, the main doors of the Writing, Tutoring and Math Centers. On your right will be low tables  and comfortable chairs – through our collaborative space, where we can accommodate groups of 4-6 students and where most of our STEM tutoring occurs. This is also our resource space, with computers for programming needs, textbooks and reference books, and postcards containing valuable tips you can take with you to assist you in studying and completing assignments.

346 McQuade Library: One-on-One and Individual Workspace

Scheduled for a quieter one-on-one session or need a place to work without interruption?  Proceed into 346 McQuade Library, where most writing consultations occur. Here we have one-on-one tutoring spaces and individual workspace.

352 McQuade Library: Prepare for Presentations, Practice and Conduct Interviews

Visit “The Fishbowl,” a conference room with a full-size television monitor, equipped with Apple AirPlay, where you can build and practice group presentations for your classes, participate in mock interviews—or hold real ones! One-hour reservations can be made through TutorAIRS (where you schedule math and other tutoring).

WHY 21C?

21C is a reminder that we live in an information-based society, and that lifelong learning beyond the classroom is essential.

Instead of worrying about what you don’t know, didn’t learn or don’t think you can do, focus on building these skills to show the world what you can do. Maximize your study time and find new ways to learn more course content. Advance your reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Explore the world of information to make strong choices in your research selections. 

Tomorrow’s employers expect you to have these lifelong learning traits and skills, no matter what career path you choose. So spend time with us: keep learning, and discover more ways to shape your future.

Arrows going in a circle showing how the five areas of 21C are interconnected.

Contact Information

Dr. Jonathan L. Grossman, Ph.D.
Interim Director
Writing, Tutoring and Math Centers
350 McQuade Library
Merrimack College
315 Turnpike Street
North Andover, MA 01845
978-837-5815 | email


of students who visited the Math Center at least three times in the 2020-2021 academic year passed their class.


consultations and tutorials were held in the Writing, Tutoring, & Math Centers in the 2020-2021 academic year.


of high-risk students who visited the writing center at least once in fall 2020 passed their classes.