your knowledge of the disciplines through Campus-wide Tutoring.

In partnership with 21C, peer tutors and classroom fellows based in departments around campus are waiting to assist you on your intellectual journey. In tutorial sessions, you will be able to strengthen your understanding or clarify concepts that you learned in class. In doing so, you will be able to better make the knowledge your own, which is the best way to prepare for both examinations and for the future.

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Who provides tutoring?

Some of our campus-wide tutoring providers around campus include:

The Lucey Center for Business Advising

iTEC Program and Tutoring

Criminal Justice Tutoring

Who is tutoring today?

View our Google calendar below (if it appears too small, refresh your browser) or access it here. Click on the subject of interest, then click on “more details”. This will provide you all the details you need for the session. If the session is online, click on the link to go to the appropriate meeting place. Note that you may have additional logins as you go, depending on the technology.