About Us

About 21C

Today, learning requires ever-increasing levels of knowledge and skill in information literacy, mathematical literacy, reading, writing and strategies for developing and retaining content knowledge.

Why Create Partnerships?

The Twenty-First Century Literacy Partners (21C) can help you advance knowledge and skills in these areas. In addition to ongoing learning opportunities, we often refer you to other offices in our network because skills learned in one area support others. For example:

  • Strong writing practice with a Writing Center consultant is enhanced when you learn to select appropriate sources with a Research Center librarian.
  • Regularly practicing your quantitative literacy skills in the Tutoring and Math Center will help you better understand empirical research you may be reading or writing in class or with a campus-wide tutor in your discipline.
  • Learning the critical thinking practices that underlie writing, reading and mathematical skills can advance your study practice when working with a study partner.

Adopting an interconnected, lifelong-learning approach to these areas will increase your competitiveness in the 21st Century global and information economy. Employers want professionals who can use these skills in depth. Visit us to continue preparing for your future.

Arrows going in a circle showing how the five areas of 21C are interconnected.

Contact Us

Any center or program in the 21C network can direct you to your best starting point. All you need to do is email the center you think best applies to your situation.

Campus-wide Tutoring

Campus-wide tutoring will provide you with opportunities to further study content-area knowledge.


Research Center

The Research Center will help you discover skills and strategies for not only finding, but selecting the best sources to learn about a subject.


Study Partners

If no campus-wide tutoring is available for your subject, you can always request a study partner who will help you learn skills and strategies that can help you work more efficiently and effectively.


Tutoring & Math Center

Quantitative literacy – math skills – never go out of style, and can always be sharpened, even if the math you’re doing is not in a math class.


Writing Center

Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1839) wrote “the pen is mightier than the sword.” You can always learn more about how to wield the pen more effectively.


Work for Us

Are you a student who loves to learn? Do you enjoying exploring ideas and helping others learn in the process? Do you have good study habits, and do you want to learn more? Do you have an affinity for writing or math regardless of your major?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider coming to work with us!